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Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Dec 4, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This European youth meeting will take place in Mimizan Plage (France). Participants of this meeting are adolescents (boys and girls) from rural areas. They are 52 in total, from 15 to 17 years old and they come from 4 countries: Monticelli d’Ongina (ITALY), Villanueva de Algaidas (SPAIN), Amora (PORTUGAL) and Beaumont de Lomagne (FRANCE). The subject of European youth meeting is “water” as a vital element. We will engage teenagers to participate in simple, pragmatic actions aiming to the promotion of the coastal heritage and sensitize them toward this topic. We will focus on development and sustainable management of the Atlantic Ocean and the sea. Young people will be earlier aware of the water management in their own rural areas. They will observe, together with local partners, the water path from the source to the river flowing into the sea or into the ocean. We will share and discuss the various approaches and points of view during the exchange in Mimizan Plage. Both before, during and after these workshops, the meeting’s priority is to give a cause for reflection on the conduct to adopt in order to define civil and responsible acts that would limit the environmental damages caused by mankind and stimulate the teenagers attitude to the preservation of our marine ecosystem. This cooperative and playful exchange will last 13 days, starting the 16th of August 2015. We will meet people responsible for the protection of marine ecosystem (fishing trip, workshops, waste collection on the beach) and we will adapt the area for water activities during summer (sea rescue, surf, swimming area). Moreover, we will reinforce a sense of belonging to the European community and we will discover the effects of cooperation in other Latin languages. Thus we will build, during this exchange, a dynamic team while realising cooperative activities, themes and playing games (cooperative games, energizer games, sports). The website “LAND COOP” 2015, already available on the Facebook social network, allows us to increase the value of our project and to create links between all the partners and local people. Young people discuss about their European project on the topic “ water” (before, during and after the project). Our presence in media will allow local population and other young people to follow the project progress and to stay informed about it. Participants will develop a variety of skills related to non-formal and informal learning validated through the Youthpass. All the skills acquired during this project together with a strong call for European mobility will help the participants to consolidate their first experiences. We hope that the positive impact of this project on young people, on our partners and our rural areas will help us to realize other European projects to continue what has been started on the theme of water. We try to encourage young people to talk about this topic with their peers both once back home and by technology and socials. Talking about this essential theme should promote openness to other young people and partner countries in order to develop a preservation of environment and water.

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