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Laleler Anayurduna Geri Dönüyor
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Turkey is the center of many plant species gene because of that ecology it has. Also among these plant species it is the homeland of natural flower bulbs that has an important role in economically. Despite appearing less than in other branches of production in ornamental plants sector, flower bulbs such as tulip and lily bulbs species used as cut flowers occupy an important place in the world. Considering bulbs and bulbous cut flower production in Turkey, it appears that an inadequate level of reflection on the production of genetic wealth and potential. A large part of the production materials are provided from abroad and are quite expensive. Manufacturer and its elements do not have enough information about the cultivation of cut flowers, bulbs and bulbous species and also modern farming techniques and systems do not apply. Depending on economic development of our country and the genetic wealth of flower bulbs, it is necessary to eliminate the need for qualified staff considering this sector will grow in the near future. Evaluation and analysis of different cultures by the responsible staff from vocational training is important in terms of the training of qualified staff that sector's needs. There is a modular training program that carried out by Ministry of Education, Projects Coordination Center within Strengthening Vocational Education and Training System Project developed in 2008 about Gardening on Growing Tulips used in all countries. But updating the module program is required. Because today ultra modern eco-friendly production techniques of cultivation of tulips, mechanization, storage and packaging systems is developed in the Netherlands and this information must be transferred to the new program module. The origin of the tulip representing love and imagination is based on Central Asia. It was cultured by Turks at the beginning of the year 1000 A.C. In our hisory tulip has been considered important enough to inflict a circuit name in the Ottoman Empire period, and also it did not only grown as a flower it has been kept alive in many different areas such as literature, architecture, artifacts, tiles and fabric patterns. we have to take charge of our heritage abot tulips, our ancestors left to us. Because of these requirements, Ali YETGİN Structure Livestock Trade and Industry. Ltd. Şti firm as an institution coordinator of not sending participants prepared our project for the staff responsible for vocational training in ornamental plants in Konya Çumra Çatalhöyük Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Yalova Esvet Sabri Aytaşman Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Antalya Aksu Aysel Akın-Klaus Wagner Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Mersin Mezitli Fatma Aliye Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Konya Food - Agriculture and Livestock Directorate and the total number of participants is 24. Our methodology; following the grant contract is signed, with a transparent and fair election participants will be determined. Before mobility, 4-day cultural and professional preparation activities will be held in Konya under the leadership of institution coordinator which has become Turkey's largest and the only flower bulb production center. Shortly after, hosted by De Wit Bloembollen B.V which a large company deal with cultivation of tulip bulbs and cut flowers mobility will be held with the participation of 24 people to industry-leading country Netherlands between 18-28 April 2016 when the most suitable date for tulips and the world famous flower bulbs Keukenhof flower exhibition is open. Both individually and as a consortium dissemination activities will be carried out in a comprehensive manner after mobility. Our project goal is investigation on modern eco-friendly production techniques related to tulip bulbs and flowers growing, mechanization, packaging, marketing and conduct storage issues in the Netherlands, receive theoretical and practical training, comparing obtained information with our country, determine new techniques and methods that can be done and dissemination of gained experience to our country through vocational training. Our expected results; - Creating a basis for updating the corresponding module training program to Growing tulips. - Related to ornamental plants and landscaping vocational high school students our aim is the training of qualified personnel needs of the sector that can see their products in the world market thanks to advanced agriculture and information technology, has adopted sustainable agriculture and environmental awareness, can prepare short, medium and long term production planning and strategies together. - Gaining personal and professional achievements as a result of socio-cultural interactions of participants, having overseas experience and recognizing different cultures. - Creating awareness in our society about the tulip that has left its mark on many areas and owning our heritage.
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