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Länderübergreifendes Jugend-Filmprojekt "Freund - Prijatelj"
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ‚Freund – Prijatelj‘ (‚friend to friend‘) arise out of conviction that the film projects, which crossing the borders and on which the schools, teachers and other experts from two or more different schools with different national background collaborate, are rare. Nevertheless, it is to consider, these are the projects which can essentially contribute to expansion of knowledge and skills of young population for the lifetime. The feature film production is a complex matter, since it demands an interdisciplinary approach as well many motivated teachers and young people with the different talents and skills. A high amount of the artistic creativity and technical know-how are needed as well. The application ‘Freund – Prijatelj’ outlines the intended project between two schools, which are different by type as well by cultural and language background. Nevertheless, they are put down in the two regions which are historically tied and geographical very close (southern Carinthia in Austria and Carinthia in Slovenia, where Ravne na Koroškem is placed), what it calls for a stronger academic cooperation. Furthermore out of the bilingual minority in Southern Carinthia (the Carinthian Slovenes) raise the advantage or opportunity to reduce the linguistic and cultural barriers by this transnational project. The goals of the project refer to the use of different talents, competences and skills by young people, teachers and by all participated professionals-experts. The implementation of one or more transnational feature movie(s) by use of high amount of creativity during the film production process require a various talents, knowledge and skills in different art forms, which feature film as art form, the whole film production combine on film set, to achieve the best results. This leads by the project to a permanent mobile networking of young people and teachers. In the consequence the cultures of two neighbor regions will be brought together. The number of participants will vary, since in the various phases of the feature film production the different profiles of young people as well the teachers and the participating experts will be needed. Thus, the young people and all the other collaborating participants with the various talents and skills will continuously come together, they will exchange the knowledge and enrich each other, all this for the benefit of the common transnational project. Diversity of all participants and the desire for the creativity will make the project interesting for the different profiles of people, starting from literature, music, photography, The activities refer to a complex film-production, a kick-off-event will take place within the international filmfestival of Golden Diana at Klopeiner See. Further steps are devided into several projekt stages, consisting of "pre-production", "production", "post-production" and "distribution" of the fiction movie - and a final reflection phase. There will be implemented a special eLearning system for all matierals and communication processes. As a result of certain steps - idea, synopsis, treatment, recording book, storyboard, production book, location scouting, scene plan, disposition, casting (all suppored by different workshops for the students in both schools using learning mobility) - the film crew gets to the production steps and to the final realisation of the project. The creation of "mise-en-scène"challenges the students in production techniques but also within their creative and acting competences. The shooting will take place in both regions and will be arranged in both languages (German and Slovenian). The recorded scenes end in the post-production phase. There the cutting/editing, but also the image editing and color grading follow - all techniques will ask for additional capabilites of the students, which are transfered through certain workshops (e.g. editing-software skills). A "master-copy" ist the beginning of the distribution phase. There the film premiere and all the other public screenings of the product will be organized. PR-material in different languages will be prepared for several filmfestivals, the final DVD and Blu-Ray will be produced. A special fact is the interaction and cooperation of students out of all socio-economic social classes. One of the main targets is the increase of student's interests and to discover their individual talents, also to support and improve them. Better skills for team-work-proccesses will be developed for both groups - students and teachers. Language competencies of all participants will be improved and fostered as well as interests for the other cultural region are aroused. Technical and management skills are increasing, too. Through collaboration of youth from different social classes the social competence will be developed. It is supposed that a long-term partnership and similar cooperative projects between the two schools and local partners is a positive effect of this project.
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