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Laboratuar Ortamında Polimer Sentezi ve Enstrümantal Analiz
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This is a training mobility project for vocational training students and teachers. The institution which will send the praticipants is Çukurova Kimya Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi and the hosting institution which will offer the trainings is Centrul de Pregatire Profesionala Alexander’s. The management of the project will be carried out by Çukurova Kimya Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi and the abroad organizations will be carried out with the help of Centrul de Pregatire Profesionala Alexander’s. Centrul de Pregatire Profesionala Alexander’s (Alexander's Training Center), which has been founded in 1999, is a vocational training institution which has the most experienced education personnel of Romania. Alexander's Training Center has been hosting institution for many Leonardo da Vinci projects and acquired an international identity. The certificate offered by the institution is valid internationally. Two different study mobility is planned in the project. For the student mobility acvtivity, 24 students will be participants. Our participant students will participate the mobility as two flows and each flow will contain 12 students. Participant students will be chosen from the 11th and 12th grade students who study Chemistry Laboratory Technician which takes place under the Chemistry Technology field. For the teacher mobility activity, 4 teachers will be chosen from our Chemistry Technology teachers. Our participant students will obtain competence on Polymer Synthesis by participating the practical trainings which will occur in Centrul de Pregatire Profesionala Alexander’s with the help of high-tech laboratory equipments and under the control of the experts. Our participant teachers will participate in practical trainings which will be offered by the experts, they will gain experience and competence on analysis instruments by usin them actively in the trainings, in Centrul de Pregatire Profesionala Alexander’s. Training subjects of our project are Polymer Synthesis and Instrumental Analysis. Chemical analysis, which is important almost in every field especially in Food Control, is carried out by using high-tech instruments nowadays. It will be possible to graduate many personnel who are competent and experienced on instrumental analysis in our region due to the renewal of our instruments and due to our teachers who will be competent on this subject. And polymer synthesis is very important for every fields of industry. During the preparation period, our participant teachers and students will attend English courses and they will improve their competence on this language. Moreover, our participant students and teachers will improve further their English language and communication skills in this language by attending the trainings which will be in English and communicating in English for three weeks. The knowledge and experience obtained by participant teachers and students will be integrated into our education programme and therefore all of our students will reach them. Our region’s chemistry industry and related industries will be more succesful due to our gradutes who are highly competent and experienced. The knowledge and experience brought from Europe will be transfered to our region’s and our country’s all related industries. We will organize training activites in our school in next years in order to transfer the knowledge and experience, gained thanks to our project, to the teachers our region who are teaching in related fields. Thus, other vocational training institutions in our regions will improve their education programmes and our project’s acquisitions will be transfered to even more students.

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