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Why?Research shows that adult learners lack personal competences, necessary in professional life, such as interpersonal communication, coping with stress, self presentation etc.The reason may be that they are not used to developing these important skills during learning process as their trainers are focused more on course content itself than encourage students to develop their personal skills. Changes in environment of enterprises are related to globalisation, work in culturally diversified environment, new technologies implemented on a large scale. Changes within enterprises are related to flattening the organizational structure, creating transformational leadership, strong customer orientation, application of flexible techniques, emphasis on team work, process approach, importance of knowledge management. In such conditions, employees are exposed to escalating stress, imbalance between work and private live, uncertainty of employment. Development of personal competences will allow them to function in this complex and turbulent environment more efficiently. What?The project aim was to exchange training methods and techniques related to teaching ‘personal skills’ between project partners as well as establishing long-term cooperation between European institutions of adult learning. Direct beneficiaries: adult trainers and teachers. Indirect beneficiaries: adult learners willing to develop their personal skills. How?The project resulted in: - Report and publication based on national findings; - Project web page as a forum to share and exchange project materials collected - Collection of exercises fostering development of social skills;- Creation of European bibliography on personal skills development. - Workshop in each partner country with involvement of adult trainers and teachers;- Disseminating information about the project locally, nationally and internationally;- Establishment of European experts team interested in soft skills field.
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