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La via dell' amicizia 3.0
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context of the project and description of organisation:The project "La via dell' amicizia 3.0" has been planned by M.U.T., an Austrian non-profit charitable organisation, with the aim to enable six young people with special needs to do a work placement for about a month in a foreign country. It is very difficult for young people with special needs to get appropriate vocational training and to find suitable jobs. A work placement in a foreign country will make it easier for them to get acces to the labour market.M.U.T. stands for Mensch (= Man), Umwelt (= Environment) and Tier (= Animal). The organisation is based on the principal values of the EU. The main concerns of M.U.T. are to preserve the natural environment, to integrate men as well as animals into this environment and to help people in need, especially victims of violence, disadvantaged young people and in reaction to current events refugees.As M.U.T. has a clubhouse in Piedmont, Italy, it can offer work placements to disadvantaged young people who are interested to do agricultural work. M.U.T. will do this in cooperation with a local enterprise, Azienda Agricola Vanet Cavallo, a farm with riding stables.Profile of project participants:The participants are 12 young people who because of their special needs (disabilities, learning difficulties, etc.) have not been able to complete suitable vocational training. The project will cover their specific interests very well.Profile of project staff:9 qualified members of staff of the organisation M.U.T. carry out the preparatory and follow-up activities and accompany the participants during the mobility phase. The project has been designed by Stefanie Fredericks and will be run by Alexandra Ebner, a M.U.T. staff member, who has already participated the Erasmus + projects 2014 "Il prato dei fiori" and 2015 "Il giardino all' italiana".Description of activities and objectives of the project:The participants will work under the guidance of Dimitri Jomini, the owner of Azienda Agricola Vanet Cavallo, and his staff. They will do agricultural and forestry jobs, for example woodcutting, landscape maintenance, repair jobs, harvesting and processing vegetables and fruits as well as animal care. As a special project the "Path of friendship" will be prettified and extended. In the last years the participants of the Erasmus + projects "Il prato dei fiori" and "Il giardino all' italiana" restored several old Foot- and Ridepaths, that connect the clubhouse Prafiuret with Vanet Cavallo. Like in the last years the participants of this year's project are being involved in community life in the sense of inclusion. In addition they will organise a farewell party to which the local population will be invited.Methodological approach and Suggestopedia:Empowerment will be achieved by using the "learning by doing" approach, which means immediately applying what is learned. In addition the members of M.U.T. staff will use the approach of Suggestopedia (Lozanov). They carry out a non-stressfull, relaxed and creative ambience for easy learning. There is no grading and no norm. The aim for participants is to get optimal results from the available resources.Impact of the project and longer term benefits:The participants in the project will not only acquire skills and knowledge; the project will increase their self-confidence as well as help them get a clearer view of their career prospects. They will receive an Europass and letters of reference. After the mobility phase a photo exhibition in vienna will be organised and M.U.T. will stay in contact with all participants through meetings and workshops. They are also expected to act as "Peer to peer" disseminators and M.U.T. will benefit from their experiences for the organisation of such projects in future.
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