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Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CEIP Santiago Ramon y Cajal . Preschool and Primary education state school.The school is located in the northern part of Ejido, a middle-class area with a primary source of income coming from agriculture under plastic covering. The school currently has 678 students, 79 of which are immigrants (12% of the total) from 14 different countries.The school has adopted the support plan for Andalucian families: morning classroom, dining room, extra curricular activities an school transport. As its offering school transport, we have got students from other neighbouring areas such as Pampanico or the coastal area of Almerimar. The school day is from 9:00 to 14:00 for Preschool and Primary. The school has been a member of UNESCO since 1995; it has been a TIC centre since 2002 and bilingual since 2014. The main characteristic of our learning centre is the coordinated work and the eagerness of innovation for a quality teaching, from preschool to year 6 of primary school. This leads us to be immerse in many educational programmes. We’ve got 44 teachers in our school. A reasonably young team ageing from 34 to 52 years old. All participating teachers are ambitious in their field and always seeking new learning strategies for the students.They are all qualified teachers in the fields of PE, English as MFL, primary or preschool education. Some of them also have the B1 and B2 certificate in English. After an initial evaluation of our school, our main goal is - To observe and learn new methods focusing on the development of key and basic skills - To strengthen social skills and self-esteem of the student body - To observe strategies that promote integration.The project is intended to offer better use of the resources that we have available, in order to develop our student’s desire of learning, investigate, to become better people…To be able to reach our objective we believe that it is necessary that the teaching body should, know and optimise their resources, organise time and space at the schools.We need to know the inclusive teaching and organisational practices, to be able to work with families and school. Throughout the year the teaching body will have weekly meetings to discuss activities. The work sessions will be structured around their objectives. They will be taken in this order;Before mobility in our center the following sessions will be held.- Initial assessment; identify needs at the center.- Analysis of the results of the initial evaluation.- Points to observe in mobility, after analysis of the results.- Activities to develop, preparing materials and resources used: scales of observation, surveys, recorder, etc.-Collecting information from the activities that have been developed to compare with those activities performed prior to mobility.- Preparation of mobility. During mobility the following sessions will be held.- Compilation of observed data.- Coordinated work with the teachers involved in the center visitedAfter the mobility: - Recapitulation of data observed.- Session for information (talk to fellow teachers about the experience)- Session of new tasks creation - Session for creating new tasks.- Session on evaluation of applied tasks - Evaluation of final projectOnce the project has been done, the foreseen impact is that the teaching body could have developed basic and interchangeable skills (business initiative, digital capabilities, linguistic skills) using innovative teaching skills focused on students.Also to develop appropriate methods of assessment and evaluation.To be able to use a new approaches to strengthen the education and the teachers’s development, obtaining skills to address new needs within the multicultural society.We believe it is necessary to contribute to the development of a European Area of aptitude and qualification.We must not forget to impulse the innovative projects towards to reduce the disparity of learning results that affect students in underprivileged areas or with fewer opportunities.We will see the professional teacher’s profiles, reinforced through the improvement of professional skills in initial training as well as in more permanent processes.We will improve the quality of teaching in pre-school to ensure better quality of primary teaching.Our teaching body will have acquired new teaching initiatives in learning and classroom management.All this work will be archived in a dossier with the final objective of disseminating the information to other schools that might require it, as well as to the educational community and to other teachers who would like to be enriched by the experience.We are very certain that at the beginning the benefits will be over a long time scale and not immediate, as the student body will have to evolve at the same time as the teacher. Once the whole school has been adopted to the working dynamic we will see a student body much more predisposed to acquire knowledge and with a better work ethic.
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