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La Robótica como herramienta vehicular del aprendizaje científico-tecnológico
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The incorporation of new technologies in the school system can be very beneficial for teenagers, so each year we introduce new and more improvements in this field: from a wide teacher training in various fields of technology to the ultimate tool incorporated into this continuous methodological innovation: Robotics. We are aware that the use of ICT for building environments where simulations can be performed, learnings based on authentic activities or solving complex problems is scarce and, when they are carried out, leadership is in the hands of the teacher rather than the students. We also understand that ICT is used well below what would be expected for communication purposes between students and teachers. Therefore, we propose to develop this project as teacher training process for the implementation of Robotics in our school as vehicular tool for those subjects of scientific and technological education in both Primary and Secondary Education. We have been working for years in this purpose and we believe we have reached a point where we have to take a step beyond using Robotics as a mere auxiliary instrument in our classrooms, but as an element that allows us to implement the process itself T-L considering the student at the center of this process, as learner, who discovers for himself, who finds solutions through an iterative process. The pedagogical method changes because we understand that the appropriate use of new technologies in the classroom requires the framework of the Pedagogical Constructivism J. Piaget. According to this educational paradigm, students learn more when given the opportunity to explore and create knowledge that is interesting to them. Thus, students should have the opportunity to work with projects which are exciting, allowing them to explore and test their skills and their ideas. This project fits perfectly with the characteristics of the center and its innovative projects that increase every year, as well as teachers, whose lifelong learning is always aimed at improving the educational process. In this case, and very specifically, this project will be led by several teachers from the Science Department, whose will be in charge of developing and forming the rest of the staff and spread the impact of it in our center. Not only will our students benefit, but our environment, neighboring centers and, while farther away, the rest of our centers belonging to the Franciscans of Montpellier Foundation. These on their behalf, although obviously the longer term, will do the same with their environments. Currently, and within teacher training, these participants are immersed in a large training course (consisting of three courses in turn) facing the implantation of the subject of Programming, which will be introduced by the Government for the next academic year 2015/16. The planned activities to achieve our objectives are very different: from the creation of a website, to learning activities in a flagship center in the use of Robotics in the classroom. At first higher level courses will pave the way for early level courses, with the development of robotics kits as we have developed in previous courses. These kits consist of many customizable items as necessary, and require basic knowledge of electronics and mechanics, which in lower level courses are still complex to grasp. Hence the importance of this collaborative project between all levels. We will use publishing tools and on-line training courses under Wemooc, which allows us to share knowledge and equipment, develop one or more courses online. In order to centralize those advances which require an audiovisual format, we will also associate a YouTube or Vimeo channel to this project. All these tools (blog, Mooc, audiovisual channel) will be centralized in a web. On the other hand, remote classes and two stays in the destination center in Finland are planned as well. This center is leader in educational innovation, which will also improve our knowledge of this European country, its culture, language, and the English as the language of communication we have with them.

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