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La restauración en Europa
Start date: Aug 25, 2015, End date: Aug 24, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT OF THE PROJECT: The project seeks a continuation of t of our the mobility projects of our cuisine vovational students to make their placements in Italian restaurants, according to the cooperation agreement signed with the Italian school Civiform with which we had previously worked. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS: The project involves 6 students in the second year of CFGM Cuisine and Gastronomy from IES Valle de Aller, who will perform during one month their vocational training in the same restaurants as the students from Civiform do. DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK: - Cultural and linguistic preparation. - Organization of the mobilities. - Travel and welcome of the students. - Promotion of Asturian cuisine at the partner institution and host companies. - Introduction in the restaurants. - Introduction in the restaurants. - Training in restaurants tutored by the company tutor and the tutor of the institution. - Adquisition of knowledge in a place different from their own management. - Evaluation of the training period. - Dissemination of the project. - Checking of new compromises and agreements between partners. METHODOLOGY: The agreements reached before the presentation of this project with the partner school, Civiform that also teach the Hospitality family studies, on the branch of cuisine, in a very similar way to our system in IES Valle de Aller, allows us to provide a common methodology between the two centers, with a fair share of responsabilities from the part of each partner. The tutorial of the stundents is threefold: the tutor in Spain, associated with the tutor center (Civiform) and the tutor in the restaurants. DESCRIPTION OF THE RESULTS: Through this project the students that realize part of their vocational training in Italian restaurants will get: - To complete the adquisition of professional competences achieved in the center of origin. - To contribute to the adquisition of a professional identity and maturity. - To evaluate the most relevant aspects of their professional competences. - To acquire knowledge of the corresponding production proflie for a kitchen organization and the system pf socio-labour relations in the workplace which will facilitate a future employment. - To acquire skills in the field of a foreign language. - To acquire skills in the use of ITC, as a tool of communication. EXPECTED IMPACT: The project will have an impact on the value added in both the sending organization (applicant) and the partner institution (host). Applicant centre: The experience of student mobilities from 2º year of "Cuisine and Gastronomy" in vocational training in Italian restaurants as part of their FCT (Workplace Training) module will contribute to: - The acquistion of a social and cultural maturity that will create job opportunities in a different copuntry of the European Union, or the possibility of self- employment. - The acquistion of a language proficiency in a foreign language. - The increase of self-esteem in students and the level of personal satisfaction. - The knowledge of reagional and national enterprises of the mobility of our students to a country of the European Union with a international standing in gastronomy, through the dissemination of the project scheduled by the applicant institution, which could facilitate their employment in the region /country. - The knowledge on the part of those selected hosts of the capabilities of our students in term of cuisine and gastronomy, which could result in a subsequent employment. - The dissemination of cooking and cuisine of ASturias throgh the activities organizaed to promote the presence of ASturian students doing vocational training en Italian companies. POSSIBLE LONG TERM BENEFITS: 1. To promote entrepreneuship, to improve self-esteem and personal security of students which could result in future self-employement. 2. To facilitate the employability of our students, not only in our region or country but in other countries of the European Union. 3. To enhance IES Valle de Aller as propeller centre of the European citizeship. 4. To acquire language skills within a lifelong learning process. 5.- To spread the culture and the asturian gastronomy outside our borders.

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