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La prima parola è… IMPEGNO!
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “COMMITMENT is the key” is based on the idea that the beginning of communication between the young people and politicians must be based on the concept of COMMITMENT. This word is even more essential in those degraded areas of the town, where young people experience decay and social exclusion: in these situation administration and politics are felt like “missing” by young people. The insufficient participation into political life is due first of all to the lack of information given to young people in every level of their education and the inadequate knowledge about the responsibility of being a citizen. This project wants to reduce the distance between political leaders and young citizens, especially those from difficult areas all over Italy: this could be done by letting them have an efficient and clear exchange of thoughts between each other. In this way young people would understand what the politic really is, how it affects their lives, the importance of their active participation to political life in an effective way. The debate’s main point would be the concept of COMMITMENT meant as a process that lead a person from an unaware citizen to a responsible one that will represent the future of his town and his country. 290 young people coming from Rome, Genoa, Naples, Empoli, Montevarchi and Carsoli would be involved in the project that is going to last six months, from June to December 2015. The project is divided into three phases: Preparation Young people will be asked to realize a project using their favourite way of expression (songs, poetry, videos, etc,): the main theme of this work should be the empowerment, commitment and active participation to public decision. For example, a group of them could show through a video what does it mean for them being politically involved when you live in a place such Scampia – the sadly known Naples’s neighbourhood. They will face important theme such as legality, environmental sustainability, etc. Some others may use songs or poetry to stress the importance of the Dialogue. During these months workshops will be held in the different branches. These meetings have several purposes: to let the young people meet the local administrator, to let them understand how politics operates, let them understand their important role in political life and to share experiences and verify the work in progress done by all of them. Periodically meeting between the different branches will guarantee the internal communication; Calciosociale’s website and an internet blog that would be create for the occasion would help all the participants to be perfectly aligned all together. Project Realization The final meeting will last one day and all the participants will participate: the young people from the six involved cities, the political leaders and the local associations. The Dialogue will start by showing the projects made by the young people: their ideas will encourage the political debate. The political leaders and the administrators will thus understand the real needs of their young citizens and they could be more aware of their real necessities. Then they will explain what does it mean to administrate a difficult area such a suburb and the problems that they face every day. At the end of the day there will be a ceremony to reward the best project that won the prize. It will be chosen after a vote made by the political leaders and the organizers. Monitoring & Evaluation A Monitoring & Evaluation Plan is developed, aimed to verify the project implementation during its phases, on one side, and to measure the effects induced by the action, on the other side. The Monitoring will verify: the workflow, the on-time schedule, the full engagement of the youth, the right usage of the given methodology and instructions. On the Evaluation point of view, there will be two key check: an ex-ante evaluation and a final evaluation. During the ex-ante, there will be an analysis about the youth feelings towards the politics and the Dialogue theme. This poll will be done using a survey which will be distributed to all young participants and will aim at mapping the perception of each participant before the project will begin. At the end of the project, the same poll will be repeated to verify whether and to what extent participant behaviour has changed due to the Dialogue. Moreover, it has been identified a set of evaluation criteria and a proper number of indicators (both qualitative and quantitative).
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