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La previsione del vento per la gestione e la sicurezza delle aree portuali (VENTO E PORTI)
Start date: Jun 30, 2009, End date: Dec 31, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is aimed at equipping the ports with an advanced and affordable forecasting and monitoring of the wind for the management and operational areas of security, into a network cooperating stakeholders / science. The project has the unique characteristic of approaching the study of the wind in the ports in general and operational, using a network to cooperating among institutional stakeholders, business and social partners and the other five ports of the contribution of science. The joint use of monitoring, and statistical simulations, development of integrated forecast short and medium term are both a completely new methodology for the expected results; Reference area: each operating point, water surface and piers, the main ports of the Tirreno. The overall objective of the project is the acquisition of capitalization in the field of scientific study of the wind and direct them specifically to the world in order to access port in real time the wind expected in all areas of the port in the medium (24-12 h) and short-term (1 h), to protect physical integrity, security, and ensure operation; target: institutional stakeholders, business and social (Port Authorities, harbor Master, Health, Regional Environmental Protection Agencies, Fire Department, Industrial Associations, Companies port , port companies, trade unions), the main activities and operations related to the analysis of the planned management of the wind / security / operation in each port, install the network stations, advanced detection, monitoring, data processing / modeling / forecasting, usability, graphic / information for the benefit of stakeholders. Expected Results:  more rational planning of port operations (24-12 h forecast); Adopt timely preventive measures to protect the safety / physical integrity of workers (the forecast at 1 h); The early warning by the entities / persons in charge (eg. Infomobility with) the drivers, pilots, tugs, mooring, boatmen, etc..; The reduction of traffic jams of trucks Highway-port openings; The adoption of measures to contain the detachment and repayments of dust and piles of bulk goods; The transfer of know-how and best practices in managing wind of the problem; Improved safety for people and goods in the port area; Sharing, control and testing of operational and administrative management of the project and its objectives by each partner; Validation of the proper conduct of the steps, in accordance with the plan sequences of activities, expenditure forecasts and objectives of the project as provided by each partner; Developing, sharing and publication of the project: the aims, approaches, activities, sequences, port communities and cooperation between scientific-technical, practical feedback on the effectiveness and usefulness of the forecasting system and its usability by all stakeholders ; Strengthening the integrated communicational networks among partners, advertising design and enhancement of the steps of the objectives, activities and progressive and final results of the project; Animation of an active network port and shared among stakeholders and actuators technical-scientific collecting feedback aimed at the best result / availability, sharing and support of the project and its objectives in every port community, transfer of know-how, facilitate Scientific activities of the actuator; Making all formalities for the purchase of the stations anemometer; Early findings of the numerical simulation of wind fields; Implementation of the complex system of monitoring and forecasting of the wind in the medium and short-term partners in every port; Creation of foresight procedures for the management and security of port areas in relation to the wind; Development and implementation by the entities / persons in charge of real-time mode warning users of the port, especially carriers and port services, the adverse weather conditions expected for the wind problem; Effectiveness of output, graphics and usability of their usage by entities and persons responsible for implementation of warning in real time (eg. Infomobility with) users of the port, and particularly carriers and port services , of adverse weather expected on the wind problem in the medium (24/12 h) and short-term 1h.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Italy - France Maritime (IT-FR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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