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La nostra scuola a 12 stelle
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project arises from the need of increasing the international dimension/character of the school and the teaching quality, together with other European projects which involve students directly. The mobility project aims at sustaining the professional growth of the teacher, even through the international acknowledgment of acquired abilities in the light of a general change of teaching to cut down the dropout. This purpose will be basically achieved through the acquisition of new methodologies and technological tools to create a “workshop environment”, suggested even in the government guidelines and aiming at success for vocational schools. The skill improvement is also to be found in the classroom identification, managing and integration of students with special needs, for we have not only certified disabilities and DSAs, but also a large number of non integrated foreign students, students experiencing family and social disadvantages, often extremely dramatic and resulting at times in exasperated ADHDs, behaviour disorders and learning disabilities. The teachers involved in the project are 17. As far as their profile is concerned, they should have several years of teaching experience and educational continuity within the school, as well as coordinating roles and/or responsibilities, highly motivated towards European training and ready to practice and share the acquired competences. We have given priority to the critical subjects, i.e. those involved in the highest failure rates, diversifying the involved research areas for a more effective result dissemination. The training programme of the mobility project has been based on the selection of qualified courses offered by accredited course providers, with a multiannual experience in European projects to obtain the following competences: - an intermediate English level for teachers of non linguistic subjects (language courses, e.g. CLIL courses); - the acquisition of the latest teaching methods and technologies (targeted and CLIL courses); - acquiring new strategies to deal with the emergency of dropouts in vocational schools (courses improving communication and relational skills and/or enhancing students’ motivation); - to improve identification, management and integration methods for students with special needs (targeted courses). The impact on teachers will result in the enhancement of their own professional awareness, the acquisition of the most appropriate tools, competences and skills for the learning processes and the new generation requests for change and innovation, the possibility of teaching basic disciplinary knowledge in another language. The envisaged school impact will be, therefore, the overall quality and logistic improvement of the teaching and learning processes, thus positively affecting the whole teaching staff and students and improving the school climate, communication and cooperation within classes and staff. All this is meant in the perspective of a growing globalisation process and in the development of a European citizenship and identity which will lead us to become a 12-star school.
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