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La mobilité en Angleterre : un outil essentiel à l'insertion professionnelle des élèves de BAC PRO tertiaire.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This 8th mobility project concerns 10 pupils, representing diversity, in their final year of a BTEC National diploma in Management & Administrative Duties, in the vocational department of the Lycée Vincent Van Gogh located in Aubergenville. As an addition and asset to the diploma, our pupils are taking the European English option. Created in 2006, the European section is included in the part of our school project referring to ‘Personal culture and international opening’. We are the only school in the area to offer this qualification with this option. Vincent Van Gogh secondary-school, inaugurated in 1991, welcomes 1105 students who come from 5 local areas and from the working class localities - Mantes, Les Mureaux and Aubergenville. Our applicants have carried out a four weeks’ work placement in a UK company, which was preceded by a cultural, linguistic and professional period. The work placement took place in PETERBOROUGH (CAMBRIDGESHIRE) from November 23rd to December 18th 2015. We have cooperated with several types of receiving organizations (printer, schools, administrative structures, charities, hotel …), most of them having welcomed our French trainees in previous mobility projects. Our pupils were entrusted administrative tasks, adapted to their professional and language skills and levels. Unfortunately, the immersion period took place from 20th to 21st November only, with EUROSTAFF - our local intermediary organization partner for seven years, which offices are in Peterborough city centre. The initial cultural, linguistic, professional planned week was reduced owing to our departure being delayed from 14th to 19th November 2015 because of the terrorist attacks happening on the 13th November night in Paris. Our pupils are preparing a tertiary vocational baccalaureate in three years. This work placement is an integral part of the curriculum and it is compulsory for the validation of the diploma. Moreover, they will later have to work on a market in constant evolution, with foreign suppliers and customers, where a poor knowledge of the English language is a real handicap. This mobility project has helped our pupils to improve their professional and language skills, but it has also helped them to discover the European dimension of the business world, while developing their professionalism and reinforcing their employability. With this mobility, they have better opportunities to integrate the world of work. They will have access to quality courses during their higher and further studies (BTS diploma). The international dimension of their experience will compensate for the possible academic gaps they might have in relation to pupils coming from a general or technological baccalaureate. At the end of the mobility project, the following results have been achieved for our applicants: - improved professional skills (discovery of other working methods), English language skills (better knowledge of the general and professional language, some oral fluency, development of more complex sentences, fewer errors), behaviour skills (more maturity, a step towards independence, less dependence on their families), - cultural opening and European citizenship awareness thanks to the discovery of a different lifestyle and a different way of thinking in another European Union country, - the obtention of the Europass Mobility which adds an important personal value and is a real asset as it is an uncommon experience offered in the vocational curriculum. Thanks to this project, our school has seen: - an enhancement of the vocational section (attractiveness, more higher education opportunities, employability) and of the school curriculum, - an impact on the exam results of the mobility project participants: * From 2009 to 2015 (7 groups): 61 candidates = 60 passed their BTEC National (most with a good grade), * From 2009 to 2015 (7 groups): 61 candidates = 48 passed the European option = 78.69%, - the mobilization of skills for the success of our students, - the development of interdisciplinarity and of European cooperation, - the expertise and new skills acquired by the team which work is highly enhanced by the project. Our overall results are consequently positive. The dedication of the teachers, the pupils, our intermediate partner and our receiving organizations represents a key element in our project. We have achieved our main goals which were for our pupils to do professional tasks in English, to improve their English skills. They are now able to understand their interlocutors at work and in everyday life situations and they are more open-minded. All our pupils have the satisfaction to have achieved these goals, having all improved in English, both oral and written. They have also gone a step further towards maturity, autonomy, personal knowledge and the awareness of others.

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