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Start date: Apr 20, 2015, End date: Jul 19, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Music and Arts invite to participation and are an antidote against the obstacles that break the harmony between men. (Yehudi Menuhin) The Fundación por los Derechos Humanos 10.12.48, Nukanti and Tinmiwl Tiwtmin Association Foundation, presented the project of European citizenship promotion and defense of human rights through art. We have worked to raise awareness about European citizenship and the promotion, protection and defense of Human Rights, using mainly artistic expression as a means of expression and communication, to invite reflection against assaults on human dignity and the injustice and changing attitudes and social participation in finding solutions. With commitment and responsibility, and with creativity and innovation, through this project to transform realities actions they have been carried out through the generation of emotions, the transmission of values ​​and producing positive and constructive impact. We understand that cinema, music, theater, photography, painting, sculpture or architecture and Cooperation, cultural and development contribute to peace building and the fight against poverty, and for them we have conducted workshops music, theater, photography, film series on human rights, conferences, colloquium talks, etc. The main objective of this project has been the creation of a European Network of Youth for Human Rights is primarily responsible disseminate European citizenship and Human Rights. The project began with the selection of participants, 10 students and a coordinator from each of the participating organizations, Fundación por los derechos Humanos 10.12.48 (Spain), Nukanti Foundation (UK) and Tinmiwl Tiwtmin Association (Morocco) . The selection was through interview of students between 18-25 years old, in the 3 countries in parallel, with great success of call were made. We selected 10 studients in each country and one coordinator.The number of places of men and women in the selection was taken into account by applying gender balance. Participants were asked interest in social issues, who can work in teams, be proactive, initiative and with a clear commitment for the rights of others. All this was evaluated in interviews. After forming the whole group, 30 students and 3 coordinators we started the communication through social networks and new technologies. We created a facebook funpage, "European Network Of Youth For Human Rights" where all we have been and continue interacting and sharing articles, photos, videos, movies, etc on Human Rights. Each youth has been invited to participate in this page many friends, so we already have more than 150 young people connected through this medium and forming a European network in defense of human rights, and report on European citizenship. After a month of contact for social networks proceeded to carry out a meeting of eight days in the city of Valencia.We reserved room, and board were provided to young people during their stay. Information on European Citizenship and Human Rights will be shipping by letters, articles, films, etc, as well as the workshops was to take place. When we had everything ready for the meeting we received bad news, the Moroccan group visas to attend the meeting had been denied at the Spanish Consulate . We communicated the INJUVE and they helped us to prepare a certification for Consulate notifying that all funds lodging, travel and meals of Moroccan group were assumed by the European grant, But the Consulate still continued denying the visas because immigration risk. We informed via e-mail to INJUVE. With the assistance of the 11 English, 11 Spanish and two young Spaniards joined the group, as a young Slovak, we started the meeting in Valencia on 06/21/15 until 06/28/15. That day were arriving all participants to Hostal Ciudad de Valencia, and we did the first workshop about group presentation and delivering information about the project. We worked this in the meeting room of the hostel. From there, almost all of them in classrooms of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Valencia, we spent all week making multiple workshops, European Citizenship, Multiculturalism, Albinism in Africa, Music & Human Rights film series, Smileurbo interactive game, theater and photography, all with a focus on defense of human rights, human dignity and eradicating injustice. We hung in our facebook network graphic documentation of all workshops. All activity has been disseminated through websites of participating entities, and social networks, and reception being widely disseminated in the media. The benefits of the project can be extended in time by facebook as European Network for Human Rights.

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