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La juventud europea como apoyo a la discapacidad intelectual
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project location: the project will take place on the A Limia location, province of Ourense (Spain). Rural town. Project type: social intervention and european voluntarity.Number of participants: two young volunteers between 17 and 30 y.o. with no formation required but tolerance and respect qualities, active participation and compromise with the no-discrimination. Objectives: For this kind of project we emphasize the next goals to do. We have to mention that every participant on the project should assume the working philosophy and our entity principals, and so to promote the goals and endings in each of the activities the volunteers are part of. General Objectives: - Sort, promote and emphatise the active solidary participation of the youth in voluntary actions within LIMISI association.- Encourage, with the help of the volunteers, social integration of people with intellectual disabilities and a quality increase in their life. Specific objectives:- Raise awareness, compromise society with the volunteering, active civic participation and the values they represent. - Offer opportunities of participation and collaboration in our program to young people between 17 and 30 y.o. that freely choose it so. - To Inform and to train volunteers for the proper development of their collaboration activity. - Create new networks of personal relationship between young volunteers and people with dissabilities. Methodology: We believe, that European Volunteer figure is neccesary and essential to create new networks of personal relationships with people with disabilites, and that way to improve their inclusion in society, retrieving better quality of life. It provides new direct relationship with people from different European countries that, in other way, it would be impossible to get, and that provides a big knowledge of every person that is involved in the project. SVE´ll allow us to show to those young people the social reality of our town, and more precisely the situation of people with intellectual disabilities that live in it. Seeking for an effective integration of the volunteers in our activities, the entity has a reception and orientation process with the following phases:1. Initial interview.2. Explanation and trainning of the activities where the volunteer forms himself.3. Presentation to the professional team/ another voluntees/ users.4. Specific trainning in intellectual disability.5. Incorporation to the activity.6. Monitoring and evaluation process. Volunteer functions:We see the volunteer figure as a supporter of the person with disabilities in their long path for better improvement of their quality of life, autonomy and selfesteem.As a companion, as a partner.Most dedicated functions of the volunteer are:active company, in other words, a participation that means to know the needs, to prepare for answers, to develop them, and to evaluate the procesess and results.Implication in the program, development and evaluation of the activities. Activities: we expect that the volunteer participates in the daily activities from our occupational center for people with intellectual disability: - Leisure activities, to accompany people with dissabilities in their leisure outings and their sport and cultural activities.-Occupational activities, participation in the different workshops on our occupational center (booking, farming, preserved food, sewing, crafts) - Educational and trainning activities: accompaniment and support people with dissabilities in their trainning activities. -Daily life activities, support in basic activities as shooping, homework, eating. They also participate in the community relations and with other different associations or local authorities. Also in information points, volunteer recruitment and cultural events. Estimated results:We expect to get our project goals and from the ERASMUS+ program, but over all a high satisfaction of our voluntees, the friend-organizations and from the beneficiaries. To measure these results, the evaluation will be global, open to participation and it will extend to all the members. Impact and beneficts:It´s expected to get with this project the adecuated impact among the voluntees and the community where they are established. To get known the new ERASMUS+ program, to let know other cultures to the local communities and to let them appreciate the intercultural relations, those will be the three basic rules to achieve the impact and beneficts from this project.

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