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La evaluación de las competencias adquiridas durante el proceso de formación en centros de trabajo (FCT)
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of this project is to evaluate the professional competence acquired during the students training period at the workplace, as it represents an important step to take to achieve the international recognition of the professional competence of students performing practices in Europe. In many European countries, including France and Germany, the assessment of the traineeship, particularly in health care studies, is performed through a tool consisting on the assessment of technical and personal skills. The student develops he’s own everyday work in front a real case when the evaluation day arrives. That is, the student is not evaluated on the way he achieve the skills and competencies but he is evaluated as the professional you need performing a specific task. On behalf of the project, we will mobilize four teachers on two different flows. One flow to France (region of Rhône-Alpes) and one flow to Germany (region of Thuringia). In both cases the aim of the mobilities will be to perform a "job shadowing" of the evaluation of the competencies in situ. We also request the mobility of two students in different periods, towards France with the purpose of their training in workplaces. The profile of our participants (students and teachers) corresponds to people who is looking forward for mobility and relationship with colleagues from our European neighbors. The candidates’ selection will go directly related with project development capabilities and interest in mobility. Furthermore, the students’ selection criteria are based on academic records and also on personal skills (ability of interaction, teamwork capacity, adaptability, problem solving). We can ensure that the selection process will be transparent and equitable for both the students and the teachers. To carry out that project: - The mobility objectives will be clearly set with our partners (for both students and teachers). - The mobility periods will be previously determined. In order to optimize the job shadowing process, is important to coordinate the teachers’ mobilities with periods of student assessment practices of our partners. - Also, we will evaluate the all project looking for improvement areas. Developing this project, we aim to achieve concrete results and also durable effects on the taken out activities. Thus, we intend that our students (both mobilized and those receiving the subsequent diffusion) increase their interest and understanding of their profession in the world of health. Participating students will gain a comprehensive view of their profession and the differences on work competencies between France and Spain. They also gain new employment opportunities, as they will find labor market in Spain and also France. They improve the French language ability of expression, vocabulary, level of understanding of spoken language, due to its immersion in French life and clearly reinforce the feeling of being European. The expected results and expected impact on our teachers are: personal growth, to have had the opportunity to meet and network with new European colleagues, the substantial improvement in their Curriculum Vitae (very valuable for career progression), the improvement of the French language for teachers traveling to France and improvement of English on teachers traveling to Germany. Teachers will grow in knowledge concerning the competence assessment in the health profession and gain tools to perform that assessment. The all educational community of our institution will benefit from the project: the transfer of knowledge by the mobilized teachers, the enthusiasm developed among the teachers in the whole process and finally the increased prestige of the center as we are able to coordinate mobility projects. Finally, we would like to notice that the most important long-term benefit is to obtain a tool for assessing the professional competence. That tool might become useful for evaluating the health profession on the three partner institutes (Institut Bonanova, IRFS Croix - Rouge Française and MEKS).

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