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La différence serait-elle une ressemblance ?
Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Jan 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Youth Exchange « The difference would be a resemblance? » will take place from 1 to 14 August 2015, in Dordogne. It will bring together 40 French, Macedonian, Slovak and Turkish young people from 17 to 22 years. The young people, coming from different backgrounds including 1 disabled people, living in rural and urban areas, want to take part actively in this project because they wish to interact with their European peers and to try, together, to find one or several European identity (ies). This project aims in: • Favor the meeting and the intercultural exchange between young people of 4 countries living together during 2 weeks • Develop the real learning of the democracy, through themes such as the life as young person in the society, their relationship with the culture, the environment and the economy on the various territories • Favor the free expression of the young people on stakes in the society concerning them directly or to which they are sensitive, thanks to times of participative debates and the others more free • Allow the young people by reflection, listening and exchange, to participate actively in the creation of a common video on the stay and the exchanges of points of view Beyond the 1st cultural barriers, the young people wonder which connections can exist between their ideas on the today's society in the various countries. It is important for them to create a social link to improve their self-confidence, to be more comfortable to speak in another language. They wish to set up friendly times (intercultural meals, games of knowledge, going out on the territory) to appropriate cultures, to know each other better. The activities will be led at the same time by the participants (quiz, sports activities prepared upstream with the leaders) and by the leaders of the groups (debates, evaluations). Besides developing or consolidating technical skills and knowledge, the objective is to contribute to the personal fulfillment of each by the active participation in the democratic life. The common theme of the exchange will be the creation of a video (Reflection, scenario, shooting, editing with a video director) to spread the ideas taking out again debates and highlights of this stay. The video is important because it will allow the young people not to stay centered on them, but to put forward their word and to share the wealth of this stay downstream. The realized multilingual video will allow other young people to become aware that they can reflect to build collective actions on their own questioning concerning their everyday life, their future and in parallel, to make sensitive the decision-makers of the interest to consider the word of the young people with the aim of the elaboration of citizens’ projects co-decided with the latter. This intercultural meeting should also allow showing in the largest number (young, less young, institutions, decision-makers) that Europe is strength and that it allows actions by and for the young people. Text written by the French young people: “Following our involvement in a local project in 2013 which raised international issues, we took the initiative, noting the enthusiasm around the video “he world of Tomorrow” during various showing, to continue exploiting this medium on a larger scale. We felt it necessary to get into contact with different group of young people in Europe, in particular in Slovakia, Macedonia and Turkey. This was possible thanks to the Francas in the Dordogne, who granted in their trust in the development of a European project. This project will aim to talk with these young people around common problems to realize a video telling similar issues. Then, we shall value this video by spreading it during public meetings, on various media (web sites and Facebook of the Sociocultural Space " The Green Ribbon ", Francas and partners, YouTube), and we will distribute free of charge DVD realized. Through these times of valuation, we wish to bring the decision-makers to consider our concerns and to bring them to have a reflection of citizens actions based on societal issues concerning the young people in Europe. In this context, we are interested in the fact of being supported by an experimented video director so that he will help us in the development of a quality video. This initiative could make credible our initiative but also generate awareness from the adults, including the decision-makers to take into account our concerns and aspiration in connection with our everyday life and our future. Our wish, depending on the impact on the decision-makers, is that this kind of action could sustain in time because we have included the necessity to actively get involved in our own future, whether it be professional, environmental, social, and cultural."
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