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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SUMMARY: DESCRIPTION OF THE CONTEXT The Adult Education Center La Palma (CEPER LA PALMA) is one of the most numerous and dispersed Adult Education Center in the city of Málaga. It groups besides the main Centre, placed in the district of La Palma, one of the most disadvantaged of the city, close to the Section Los Asperones; and the other five Sections are in different areas: three are in the rural zone called Almogía, Puerto de la Torre and Casabermeja and two in different areas of the capital: Ciudad Jardín and Campanillas. The teaching staff consists of 17 teachers. They attends to 745 pupils. They are distributed in difference Educational Plans. The profile of the professorship involved in this project has between 3 and 30 years of experience in Adults' lifelong education. They've responsibility in different functions of management teams. They have realized courses of Interculturalism in other countries, they have collaborated with organizations in activities of volunteer work, in the production of didactic material for secondary on Immigration and Global Education, they have taken part in courses on Didactics of Spanish as a second language, on projects of ICTs, experiences of the implementation of values in education, courses of Labour market-oriented education and training, experience as a visitor teacher in United States in the ,Programe of the Spanish Ministery of Education, Science and Sport, as a publicist and a journalist, in university projects of educational research, they have knowledge of English and French Languages -B1 and B2 levels-, basic knowledge and of tools for the creation of blogs, and work in platforms Moodle 2.5, capacity of teamwork. NEEDS OF FORMATION All the activities will be carried out in a continuous training of the professorship in the following items; 1º Training in acquisition of competences for the internalizatión of the center. 2º Training in methodologies that approach the Interculturalism since the social current reality, so much in the main Center as in other sections where the number of the students proceeding from different cultures is important. 3º Training in Methodology and Didactic for teaching of other languages such as English and French. The highest levels of unemployment between the young and middle age population, it does we are attending as a priority to these sectors that lack the basic qualifications. 4º Improvement in didactic instruments and resources in methodology for the promotion of the European citizenship. 5º Training and development of the Entrepreneurial Culture (technologies- skills – of search of employment) on Adult Education Centers. 6º Competence of management in the organization and functioning of the center. Knowledge of the management and functioning of the Educational European Systems. METHODOLOGY Our methodology of work has a few basic tools of work with the students: the dialogue, the communication activates, the promotion of the cooperative work and in team, the support of student body with levels more risen up to student body with minor training level, to learn to learn as neuralgic point of the active methodology. These tools like resource to respect the differences and to approach the conflicts. This is favored by a democratic climate, of teamwork and of the capture of joint decisions across periodic and dynamic meetings of groups with which to put in value the expressed principles. ACTIVITIES OF DIFFUSION Creation of a forum of debate to develop the lines of formation indicated in this project. Creation of a working groups in the frame of the educational equipment for the formation in the center. Accomplishment of workshops of diffusion of the experience among the educational community; professorship of the proper center, of other centers CEPs, student body, educational local authorities, regionales, related organizations, etc. Days of diffusion in the institutions of the neighborhoods (local and cultural associations with them we work) and municipalities of the area of influence of the center.Accomplishment of a blog for diffusion and exchange of experiences FORESEEN IMPACT Local The improvement of the formation of the professorship will reverberate directly in the improvement of the educational practice. Therefore in a better formation for the student body, in the optimization of the available resources in the center, in the neighborhood or locality. Elaboration of materials and didactics resources included new technologies: blogs, (google, facebook, twitter...), cameras (videos of students) mobiles( twitter, group of the class whatssap,...), projector,etc; with the putting into practice of the acquired knowledge will generate a major dynamics in every unit. Regional and National The participation in meetings and forums of exchange of experience and joint to work with other teachers and centers of the Autonomous Community, as well as of the State. European and International
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