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L04 - Lebanon, Syria, Jordan
Start date: Jul 15, 2009,

The project idea (to organise and carry out institution-based mobility within a large consortium to achieve the short and long-term objectives) was generated by two main factors: the coordinator’s long-term cooperation with the European universities and the cooperation with several universities in Lot 3. The European partners want to establish mobility with the region and feel the same necessity as Lund: the need of a more systemic and institution-based approach to mobility at all levels. Important features of the EMECW are that the programme opens up for mutual exchange and for individuals who have already finished a level of education and want to complete their education in Europe. Additionally, including group 3 individuals fit very well with the university and national policies of most of the EU partners. Application of effective use of ICT in all academic activities and increased intercultural competence will be included in all mobilities. This application includes 11 prestigious European universities and 9 universities from Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The operational and academic capacity as well the experience and commitment to development of international activities of the EU partners is very high. The third-country partners have all demonstrated, through their willingness and interest in i.e Tempus programme, that they understand the importance of integration in the knowledge society and that they accept the challenge of globalization and the process of change that it implies. Lund, together with the consortium members have discussed, designed and planned a mobility scheme, using the guiding principles of the call, that will allow the establishment of more systematic, transparent and effective approach for collaboration

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