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L03 - South Med. - oPt/Israël
Start date: Jul 15, 2009, is a partnership of 20 European, Israeli and Palestinian institutions for higher education, led by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Its aim is to stimulate academic mobility at all levels (undergraduate, master, doctoral, postdoctoral and academic staff) from Israel and Palestine to Europe and vice versa.VUB and its European partners have extensive experience in academic cooperation with the Lot 3 region through previous editions of the EM ECW as well as through national programmes and bilateral agreements. In this proposal they intend to share developed practices with new partners. The consortium is balanced in that it includes 5 Israeli and 5 Palestinian partners, representing a geographical spread within the Lot 3 region as well as different types of HEIs (public as well as private, general in focus as well as specialised, Ba/Ma-oriented as well as research-oriented). On the European side, the 10 partners are either experienced EM ECW partners or they have been suggested by Lot 3 partners on the basis of existing cooperation.TG1 mobility is arranged according to the partner institutions’ needs. Most Israeli HEIs are interested in sending Ba/Ma students to Europe for one semester (often, but not exclusively, in EU studies and international law), whereas Palestinian students need opportunities to complete full Ma or PhD programmes. Through its joint supervision programmes at PhD level actively contributes to the ongoing development of doctoral studies at Palestinian HEIs. The project also foresees a high number of mobility acts for academic staff members: as specialists in their fields, they are able to steer mobility at other levels in the right direction. This includes monitoring study recognition, stimulating the set-up of joint programmes and consolidating procedures for mobility.TG2 institutions have the same needs and background as TG1 partners, so that the same mobility principles apply to them. Even if there is no academic staff mobility involved here, it is also the explicit aim of the partnership to provide TG2 with a larger institutional benefit, through targeted advertising of the programme and sharing of its good practices.Given the particular situation of Lot3 scholarships within TG3 will be granted to Palestinian refugees who are residing in Europe. They often need to complete their education with a Ma or PhD degree, but lack the financial means to bear the costs of it.In the light of the interest European students and (post)doctoral scholars have in the political, economic and cultural situation in the Middle East mobility towards Israeli and Palestinian HEIs is also organised. Specific disciplines targeted here are Hebrew/Arab studies, international politics and land sciences. The partnership wants to increase the already existing EM ECW mobility towards HEIs located in Israel and Palestine.
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