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L'incroyable voyage culinaire de nos élèves européens
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The IVCEE ( acronym in French of “l’incroyable voyage culinaire de nos élèves européens” ) , named in English as TICJEP « the incredible culinary journey of our European pupils » is a 2 years trip which will be lived by pupils aged from 6 to 12, coming from 3 countries : Kirkcaldy, Bobigny and Brussels. They will discover and deal the cooking of the countries they, or their families, are coming from . Two schools and one school complex build up in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, where is living the most often a population of immigrants, made the choice of cooking to develop their pupils’ basic competence and to fight against early school failure. Priority will be given to the apprenticeship of the language of the education, but mathematics, awaken activities and use of new technologies will not be forgotten. Our students of foreign languages, who are discovering our language, and the vulnerable pupils using at school an other language than their current mother language, will find , through this project an actual motivation and new ways to obtain as soon as possible all the basic skillls. This project will allow to all the schoolboys and girls who do want it, to present one regularly home-made and typical recipe of their native country. With their eventual parents’ help, these recipes will be prepared by the pupils with all what this is implying : practical steps, shopping in a local market where particular components may be found, searching the origins of these ingredients, to weigh, to compare, to adapt the quantities and also to communicate and invite other pupils to share the proposed meal …and to tell the friends how to prepare this meal they also will cook. We have chosen cooking because it is written in each child’s heritage, of each family ; it is a practical way to put children in value, which may be their difficulties ; it allows to put in place an active teaching with the target of a general key skills acquisition. Each recipe will be the starting point of lot of children’s researches about the country, the used ingredients, the customs relative to this food,…the written pieces by the pupils. Results will be at disposal of the partners and all through a digital interactive book site where the children will have multiple access ( all the recipes with rice, these coming from East Europe or Central Africa, the recipe of the month, impact on the health, … ). This site will grow up from month to month with the recipes brought by the pupils of each school. More designed for the teachers , each recipe will lead to a record of good practices giving leads and concrete examples on how to use them the most practically with all the children. These records will be build up collectively , coming from all the ideas of the teachers who will realize the recipe with their pupils, in the initial schools as in the partner one. So, we’ll see in each school the creation of a kitchen corner open to all the pupils , but at certain moments also to their parents …and in the same time a place for mathematical manipulations, permanent access to the pc’s and internet , an opening to the food places around the school, a reflexion on the food choices ( elevenses, canteen-hall,…) , an interest for all the actions around the feeding and , finally, logical prolongation of these steps, the creation or the extension of a kitchen-garden . The six projects meetings , one in each country each year , will allow the pupils to make their invited teachers discovering the “food” places in their neighbourhood, but also to participate to their cooking activities and the possibility to the parents to exchange with the teachers about a well known subject ; this will above all be the start point of new synergies under teachers of the two schools , to launch their pupils to more interchanges. We’ll see carefully to it that a maximum of participants of each school will have the chance to attend a meeting. A rapid impact on self-esteem, participation, interchange and acquisition of the basic skills can be awaited . Dissemination in the other schools of our respective towns through the distribution of a CD Rom with our digital interactive book for the children and a bilingual booklet for the teachers with the educational tracks oriented to an active education.
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