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L'impact culturel dans la réalisation d'un stage en Europe
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Job offers in Reunion (an outermost region of Europe) does not meet the growing demand, especially for the youth. Our young people must therefore be mobile and seek training elsewhere, in order to acquire or improve their skills. This stay abroad will surely contribute to broaden their horizon and, since it will take place outside their school environment, it will enable them to acquire not only new professional skills, but they also will be able to improve their linguistic and cultural knowledge, and of course they will live an outstanding personal experience. This project aims at enabling our young students to acquire news skills. Indeed on the professional level, they will be totally immersed in a new work environment for four weeks. They will need to practice commercial and current English and also learn new methods of work which can be useful in their future training. As far as far as culture and arts are concerned, our students will testify to their identity and will highlight the facade of an overseas Europe. They will make a creole music show in an Irish vocational school thus allowing their Irish counterparts have a glimpse of an important side of their cultural background. On the personal aspect, our goal is to make our students become more responsible and give them the opportunity to broaden their mind, therefore becoming more autonomous. This is a great human adventure we are willing to take part in. The teachers and some members of the management plan to initiate a partnership between the two schools. They will have a better understanding of the education system in Ireland. We aim at acquiring more flexibility both in our teaching practice and the organization and the management of our school. Moreover, we are strongly in favor of initiating an exchange via E-twinning, which should be made easier through this partnership. The current European Class numbers 16 students (11 girls and 5 boys) aged 16 to 19. They study Selling, working for their exam for the Bac Professionnel in 3 years. Four teachers, a fund manager, and the assistant headmaster are in charge of the group. The students are determined and they are motivated by the opportunity they are given through this journey to Europe to speak English. They will have their training period in Irish companies in Bray, in the south of Dublin from March 20th to April 16th 2016. In order to facilitate the exchange, the group have benefited from extra lessons in English with their teachers and English assistants. Our school have worked with Bray Language Centre. They have been our partner for the last 10 years. They will be in charge of welcoming our students and place them in their respective companies and host families. Their experience and expertise in the field allow us to trust them completely. Clearly, we expect our students to really improve their language skills. We think each of them will get more self confidence thanks to this project. We are dealing with real human values: mind broadening, respecting others, brotherhood. In the end of the day, both the personal and professional development of our youth are at stake.
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