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L'eau à la Bouche
Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Jan 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This European project is a part of the " Moving Together" cycle, set up by the Italian , the Hungarians in Romania , the Latvian and the French partners . The topics that we discussed in during the four projects have in common to deal with our relationship to the environment architectural heritage and rural tourism in Romania in 2011 , close to agriculture in 2012 in France, and treatment of waste and Recycling in 2013 in Latvia. This year, we want to keep questioning about what did around our relationship to the environment. The project, " L'eau à la bouche ", had been write first due to the topics covered by the previous discussions that wa had about the culture and the environment, and secondly because the alimentation is a major concern in the current environmental issues and because it is central to any culture. We discuss about the alimentation in its manufacturing processes and distribution, the relationship with the environment and its cultural aspect . The meeting will take place in Lagardelle sur Leze , near Toulouse , from the 6 to the 17 of July 2015. A part of the youth had already participated to some youth exchanges with the PEJA and the Erasmus+ program. They are between 15 and 18 years old, and they will be 10 by country. They are from rural areas and most of them have economics, family, social and scolarship issues. Those participants express a need of mobility, discovey of new cultures, and of european citizenship. Most of them are already involved in the preparation of the project. Concerning the choice of the theme, a large part of the documentation and the activities about the process of manufacturing and distribution of the food will be prepared before the exchange by all the participating countries (youth and leaders). A common frame of work make the comparaison easier between each partners and the restitution. We will be finish to make this frame during the planification visit. This planification visit of two days will be reuniting one youth and one leader by coutry, and will allow us to fix the last logistical aspects of the exchange. Some animations and workshop like « Play with the diversity » will be prepared together before the exchange by the youth and the leaders. Our goal is that the meeting fosters all our youth the awareness of the impact of consumption on the environment. This awareness have to bring them to develop and to anchor their attitude of eco-citizen in their lives. The competences who will be develop during this exchange will be usefull and rewarding for all they life projects : modification and increased of their self-esteem, as a definite asset to advance in their future. During the exchange, a time will be dedicated to present the possibilities that the Erasmus+ program is offering to the youth. During this time, the partners can increase their knowledge about the program. They will develop skills enabling them to be resource persons for those who wish to invest the youth field and thereby facilitate its spread. This is an opportunity for all of us to experience all the tools to optimize the preparation and effectiveness of trade. Finally, this kind of project, built and realised in collaboration, allow us to strengthen our partenership network and the friendship between our youth. Forward, we want to allow them to ewperience a long-term mobility , in one of the countries involved , as part of the European Voluntary Service
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