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L’Animatore Digitale per l’innovazione e l’internazionalizzazione delle Scuole Siciliane
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Consortium of this application is made up of 34 schools from Sicily, selected through a public call with priority for those who have already demonstrated interest in working on training projects for Digital Animators (ADs), teachers with a new role in Italian schools, in charge of the implementation of ICT in teaching and learning, as foreseen in the PNSD (National Plan for Digital School).The Consortium wants to be a milestone for innovation and dissemination of good practices thanks to specific training for ADs and international networks and partnerships.The Development Plan wants to support schools:• in internationalization processes, supporting them in taking part to European educative debate through the participation to events which allow an exchange with other teachers and trainers from different European countries;• in methodological innovation processes, through an insight in specific issues strictly linked with the role of the ADs in schools;• in the empowerment of staff, building up a group of people who are able to identify themselves in the new role and are aware of their common identity.Through the development plan, we will not only strengthen technical and methodological competences of participants, but also contribute to the development of linguistic competences and European dimension of schools, thanks to the knowledge and experiences acquired by participants in their own schools.An important outcome will be the making of an effective leadership inside the school.The training will involve mostly ADs or headteachers or other teachers with responsibilities on ICT from Consortium members.Each school will take part in one mobility abroad, with reference to training needs.With reference to that, the Regional Department of Education wants to promote innovation and changing through several connected actions:• the creation of a working group, of regional dimension, with the task of linking technological knowledges and competences with international practices;• the systematic introduction of ICT in teaching and learning and the implementation of PNSD;• international in-service training;• self-training and peer education through the sharing of knowledge and experiences;• promotion of an e-leadership able to interact in a wider context in order to enhance the development of schools through ICT, which could be particularly important for schools situated in remote and disadvantaged areas of the region.The mobility of staff for learning should allow the Organization and the members:• to implement the European dimension in teaching and increase the European culture among Sicilian schools,• to know and compare school systems, teaching methods and practices,• to start cooperation with other nations and cultivate values like respect, tolerance and cooperation,• to develop managerial ICT, negotiation and cooperation skills, positive attitudes towards European projects.The experience abroad can be the basis for future cooperation with foreign colleagues in order to implement projects which involve more partners, promote exchange and communication between pupils of different nations, supporting the internationalization process, strongly required by Consortium members.In addition, building a regional working group on ICT, can contribute to the implementation of the PNSD even after the conclusion of the project, through networks and structured “innovation laboratories”.The Regional Department of Education is strongly determined in maintaining the Consortium with its objectives in activity in order to be a benchmark of good practices for the implementation of the PSND and to support schools in their internationalisation process.
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