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L'anglais: un outil transversal.
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are three teachers working in a small rural school situated in Moustoir-Ac in the Center Morbihan. Our main objective is to prepare pupils for their lives as future world citizens and to promote equality of opportunity in the acquisition of their knowledge and skills by fighting against disconnection and academic failure. Since this year, and principally thanks to our first mobility in Malta, pupils benefit from the teaching of a foreign language, English from the nursery school (3 years old) to the 5th year of primary school.We noticed that our pupils had difficulties to perpetuate English learning achievements, particularly in oral communication situations and written understanding. Their apprehension appear using and expressing themselves in another language than their native tongue as well as in sensitization to the English-speaking cultures.Based on these observations, we question our educational and didactic approaches in terms of phonology, grammar or accentuation, our teaching tools, methods and personal linguistic practice. Furthermore, the context of our school and the specific needs developped above, leads us to maintain, on the one hand, the English awakening from 3 years. Indeed, we observe that since we have started of english learning workshops, the young pupils show a great interest in earing and practicing other sounds of these of their own mother tongue's. On the other hand, we are consider organizing different and varied situations (in mathematics, in physical education, in arts during workshops between classes ...), on top of the English-class, in which pupils could use and speak English as well.Our first experience in Malta made it possible for us to have an intensive use of English language, but also to update our didactic skills and enjoy an additionnal practice. We are aware that, personally, we need to go further in our English training, to upgrade the advantages of the first mobility. Moreover, we would like to ride on for our pupils and our little school, to deepeen and diversify the pedagogic and linguistic knowledges. Indeed, we make this application for 24 months, because it appears to be necessary and consistent to : - inscribe the project for the long-term,- benefit from training schems about interdisciplinarity and the use of digital technologies for the English teaching, to complete the first one about methodological reinforcement,- discover and help pupils to learn about 2 others English cultures close to our celtics traditions.This could be helpful to construct the European identity of each child and value his membership.Furthermore, being that there are only three teachers in the school, we work more collectively in co-operative team-projects. Consequently we are involved and feel responsible for the entire school “career” of each child and their success, be it in the A1 skills-base test, or elsewhere. The purpose of this candidature is in education and teacher-training through the Erasmus Program, for which all the team apply, but it is also an opportunity that would enrich how we work as a team, it would permit our organization to expand and diversify their skills and to enter into a new dynamic of cultural openness. Throughout the 2 next years, we expect to improve our english level, to implement the benefits of this training scheme through shared working sequences and concrete and innovative projects for our pupils (annexes from 3 to 8), so allowing them to integrate oral structures they have worked on durably to become more and more autonomous in simple communication situations. This enables us to be sensitive to the European culture and identity. We would like to share this experience with teachers of our area.With this training in mobility, we would like to develop the English level of usage of the pupils, estimated to be at the Level A1 (of the skills bases/in the European framework) and inscribe them in a personnal approach of progress thanks to the language passport Europass. We would also like to make them discover 2 unknown English-speaking countries (Ireland and England); conceive and share projects with other French-speaking and English-speaking classes by setting up various partnerships such as with secondary school teachers in our area, and other European classes and educational institutions.Beyond the personal formation that these mobilities offer us, this long-term project will have an undeniable impact on the pupils and their families, and also will extend a positive influence around the school.It’s within our competence to valorize European citizenship among our pupils, and the learning of a foreign language is one of the fundamental tools that we possess.
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