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Kylältä maailmalle - Veikkolan koulu kansainväliselle 2010-luvulle
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of the most important values for Veikkola school is intercultural- and tolerance-education. With modern technology we can interweave information and communications technology (ICT) with intercultural- and tolerance-education. Our goal is to have our pupils leave from their homogenous school and Veikkola district with confidence and preparedness for world’s diversity. Most of the pupils are not familiar with multicultural way of life. Throughout the project our teachers' knowledge and skill to support our pupils in internationalisation will be strengthened. Job shadowing and courses will form a solid base for multidisciplinary education under the new curriculum. Training candidates have a broad level of experience with comprehensive schools. There is experience of elementary and primary schools; special education, as well as class and subject teaching; language teaching; arts and sciences. The five candidates are in various stages of their careers thus we ensure the continuation of the expertise gained in our school. Our activities include two special education teacher job shadowing period in Belgium, one advanced English language course and job shadowing period, and also one ICT oriented music course in England and one in mathematics and natural sciences job shadowing period in France. We will learn new practices from our job shadowing associates, course organizers and from other participants. At the same time we will evaluate our own professional practices in an international environment. We will expand the international cooperation and strengthen the international perspective on various subjects in our school. With the help of ICT devices and social media (e.g. e-Twinning, Instagram, blogs, vlogs etc.) keeping in touch with new contacts is easier than ever. These skills are used in several subjects in a student centered way. Thanks to this project pupils will get a hands-on practice in their own communication skills with kids from various cultures. This will be done by using, for example ICT. They will get an opportunity to open up their world view. This will increase the pupils' knowledge of life outside their own district culture and phenomena. Special education teachers’ involvement brings internationalism and new contacts also for pupils with special needs. In this way they practice and embody the skills needed in today's world. Throughout the project teachers’ competence is strengthened and collaboration between different subjects will grow. Learning new skills and international contacts will deepen our school spirit and provide it with new nuances. Our students will feel pride in their international school.
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