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KWC, grensverleggend Elos onderwijs
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project: KWC, Elos education stretching borders. The Queen Wilhelmina College (KWC) is a partly certified Elos school. It has acquired Junior certificates voor vmbo and havo and a Senior certificate for vwo. It also offers bilingual education in English in the vwo-department. The school is also a certified Fairtradeschool and has developed a special programme for Entrepreneurship called Entreprenasium. Because of the fact that the vwo-department has already been awarded a senior Elos certificate, this department is an important source for modelling the havo and vmbo departments. The objective of this project is to design the circumstances which guarantee complete senior certification for all departments, so including Senior for vmbo and havo. Therefore and also for the implementation of a bilingual programme in vmbo, this ambitious and specialist development programme has been designed. It is open to teaching and non-teaching staff and management. It must result in a complete offer of international lessons and projects for students in accordance with The Common Framework of Europe Competence. In all educational departments of the school. So as to enable students to build the portfolio's needed for an Elos diploma. The project contains three kinds of activities: language training, visits of partnerschools and designation of educational programmes with 9 partnerschools in Europe and job shadowing for teachers of French, German end Spanish. Also two international conferences and an study visit for the board of directors. There will be 76 participants over a two-year-period. The participants are all fully certified teachers, members of the board of directors and IT staff. The IT pro's are needed to enhance the internet surroundings for teachers to enable digital preparation of educational programmes in full cooperation with the partnerschools abroad. The teachers all have degrees needed for Dutch education. They are combined in the project with 4 directors and 6 IT staff. All fully certified in their respective fields. Activities in the project: KWC, Elos education stretching borders: 1. English Language Training and CLIL 2. Visits of partnerschools in Europe and designation of educational programmes 3. International conferences SSAT and BETT 4. Job shadowing for teachers of German, French and Spanish 5. Ipad training for math teachers (also CLIL) 6. (Visits of partnersschools in China and India and designation of educational programmes) 7. Study visit to Finland for directors on the topic of entrepreneurship. The methodology used in carrying out the project is charaterized by selection and dissemination. Selection of the participants is the responsibility of all managers of teams and subject-departments. Internal dissemination of the acquired knowledge takes place during study meetings for all teachers (every Tuesday afternoon) and during the meetings of subject-departments. External dissemination takes place during meetings of TTO and Elos networks in The Netherlands. The Elos network consists of 40 Dutch secundary schools. The TTO network consists of 150 Dutch secundary schools. KWC teachers and staff have done presentations and workshops in the networks before. Expected results for the school are: better trained language teachers of French, German and Spanish and higher levels of fluency in English for all other teachers. Proved by awarded language certificates. More and better educational programmes designed in cooperation with partnerschools. Proved by improved didactic skills. Checked in visits of lessons by managers. Better educational programmes for Fairtrade and Entreprenasium. Proved by the contents of student-portfolios. The long term objective for KWC is to acquire Senior Elos certificates for vmbo and havo and also to develop a bilingual educational programme for English in vmbo. The quality of language teaching and CLIL didactics has improved substantially after the two-year-period, which is to be checked in lesson-visits by the managers according to the results in specially developed checklistst.

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