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Kvalitné jazykové vzdelávanie - služba pre mesto a región
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Language school Your Choice in its 10 years existence has gained a reputation as a professional and innovative place for high quality language teaching. We work extensively with local and regional employers to increase the levels of employment in the region. More than 70 of our courses are designed for students of business English as required by our corporate clients. In the Trnava, Nitra and Bratislava regions we significantly contribute to the increased public participation in education, the improvement of employee skills of corporate clients and to building effective links between employers and young people to improve their chances in the labor market.The project has 2 main targets. The first is to provide additional professional skills to our teachers. The courses focus on creative methodology and business English. The participants will be trained in current innovative teaching methodologies, use of the current teaching and supplementary materials, creative and alternative approaches to teaching, in the skills to teach English for special purposes (business). Our aim is that the project participants will gain practical appliable knowledge and skill which will then be forwarded to other colleagues. The professional development of the individuals will contribute to the growth of the school as a whole. This part of the project includes courses for trainers in cooperation with the Pilgrim Language School and other educational and training centers in the UK. This will involve three teachers from our school.The second objective is to set up an effective system of training for teachers and a progressive approach to working with students. The course "How to train teachers" will allow us to work with our lecturers to ensure their continued education, to link the needs of the schools, of the clients with teachers' performance and lessons. The second activity is coaching and NLP, which represents a new and modern way of working with students based on empathic understanding, effective communication to maximize the students' potential, leading to better results and increased motivation. Both activities are in line with the latest trends in education that emphasize a humanistic approach to the student and the need to adapt the education to students (not students to the education plan).The knowledge and skills acquired by the teachers will be applied practically in the form of new courses, improved methodology, in creative work with teaching and supplementary materials to provide the student with more interesting and effective classroom hours. Their contribution to the development of the school will be optimized in the school’s curricula with the teachers able to provide a wider range of courses and actively participate in the training of colleagues through mentoring. The expected learning outcomes of activities aimed at training teachers will improve the system of professional development of our lecturers. Our school will offer training courses intended for both our teachers and those at other teaching institutions. Better results and good feedback achieved by more effective approach to students will motivate them to seek further language training.The results are seen at several levels: the personal and professional development of the teachers, the continuing development of the school and its human resources, the expansion and diversity of course offer, the enrichment of teaching methodology, an increased interest in courses from corporate clients, greater public participation in education and improved language preparation of candidates and corporate clients.The impact of activities at local and regional levels is seen in qualified and professional language services for key employers, graduates and jobseekers with a positive affect on their work performance and activities on the labor market. New expanded courses with topics relevant to teachers from other language schools will create an opportunity for the further professional development and improve the quality of language teaching in Slovakia - at the national level.The project will enable us to modernize the methodologies used in our school and to carry out training that will increase the professionalism of our teachers . We wish to respond to the needs and expectations of the labor market and its participants with our language services. According to recent data up to 54% of jobs require English skills (source 02/2015), but in reality this requirement cannot be met. In this area we see the key effect of our project. Increasing investments in the progressive regions of Bratislava, Trnava and Nitra give us the opportunity to acquire new corporate clients, to expand our language services and also allow us to employ new teachers.
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