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Kvalitatīva izglītība Ozolnieku novadā
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Ozolnieki county Council has developed and approved Ozolnieki county Education development programme 2014-2020 where education field priorities and tasks are defined. One of the aims is "development of county education institutions in order to ensure that each learner get high-quality pre-school, primary and secondary education in the available distance, as well as offer vocational education, interest education, vocational oriented education and lifelong learning opportunities for every county citizen”. And as one of the necessary actions which has to be taken is the development of school management work, as professional management is one of the main steps toward qualitative education. Therefor in order to reach the defined aims and targets, it is planned to implement activities which are targeted to the management of the Ozolnieki county schools and the planned activities include the participation in the in service training course in the United Kingdom, where the directors and persons involved in school development of three schools would acquire new knowledge about school development and quality evaluation and enhancement issues. Project aims are: 1) ensure that participants acquire new and improve their knowledge and competencies about issues as school development, quality evaluation and enhancement, management of school, decision making in school, the role and responsibilities of director, cooperation with teachers, learners, parents and other interested parties. As well during the in service training course it will be possible to exchange experience with the colleagues from other EU countries on other topics as creativity in education and children rights protection. 2) ensure that during the in service training course participants acquire understanding and knowledge about the experience of United Kingdom and other countries in the development of schools and acquired knowledge is transferred and used in the Ozolnieki county schools. 3) ensure that in long term perspective the modernisation of schools is facilitated. 4) facilitate schools and Ozolnieki county Council participation in the international projects implementation. 5) facilitate the improvement of English language skills. In the in service training courses in the United Kingdom will participate 5 management level persons from Tetele primary school, Garoza primary school and Ozolnieki secondary school ( 2 participants also represent Ozolnieki county council education unit) who during one week course will acquire knowledge about school development and quality evaluation and enhancement in primary and secondary schools. The topics covered during the course will be development of school strategy, quality evaluation – criteria, procedures, as well participants will have visits to schools where they will discuss the experience with school representatives and other course participants. In addition during the course participants will improve the knowledge about other cultures, traditions, other EU countries educational systems, improve English language skills and communication skills. During the in service training course acquired knowledge will be used for drawing up school development strategies and ensure, that the number of learners do not decrease and the education is qualitative and competitive. Acquired knowledge will be disseminated to the teachers in the participating schools, to the representatives of other Ozolnieki county educational institutions as well several dissemination activities are planned in cooperation with Jelgava county and Jelgava city schools and education authorities.

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