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Kvalifikācijas prakse ārzemēs - ieguldījums nozares attīstībā
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Title of the Project: Qualification practice ES – Contribution to the industrial development. Students of the advanced classes from Olaine`s college of Mechanics and Technology, who will go to Germany`s educational institutions: Schulzentrum des Sekundarbereichs II Utbremen un bfw Unternehmen für Bildung Geschäftsstelle Bremen/Bremerhaven, for practice, will participate in this project. The cooperation with these educational institutions is regular. The aims of the project: 1.Students and the Professional training teachers will develop their skills and specialty. 2. Familiarization with EU and world`s standards` system. 3. Improvement of foreign languages and communication. The description of the project: In the project 20 pupils of the 3rd and 4th course of Olaine`s college of Mechanics and Technology, professional high school, will participate. The environmental technicians, biotechnologists` assistants and mechanics of the chemical and biochemical industry`s equipment have both good theoretical and practical knowledge, but there is a lack of work skills with the newest and most modern equipment, devices which are not so available in Latvia. Our educational institution teaches and prepares ascendant biotechnologists, environmental technicians etc., these are professions which, in Latvia, one can learn only in Olaine`s college of Mechanics and Technology, therefore, we have to consummate and develop the learning process to prepare competitive workers for chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and industry fields. Nowadays, a successful worker is a person with not only theoretical knowledge, but also with practical skills, good communication ability (here one has to mark also communication in foreign language). During the practice students and the porofessional subject teacher will get to know and operate both with newest and modern equipment, devices and will also communicate in foreign languages. The project can be successfully realized by cooperating with the partners in Germany because their material base and technical opportunities will let the members of the project realize the nominated aims and goals. So that graduates of our college could handle with the newest laboratory equipment, work with the newest technologies, training practice programs are necessary in the countries where the experience of preparation of qualitative labour in professional education`s institutions is already known as also in private enterprises and in those enterprises where modern technologies are being used. The realization of the project will give a chance to eldest course students to work independently with newest equipment and devices. Our graduates would have a bigger opportunity to compete in the labour market. The results: The members of the project, by working with the newest technologies, equipment and devices, by using new information technologies, will acquire new skills which they can use when they work in companies and private enterprises and also their obtained knowledge they will transmit to their classmates and teachers. The realization of the project will positively affect the organization of the learning process; will bring corrections in the professional education programs. As the direct winners of the project results, the classmates and teachers of the project`s members who will work with them can be considered. As indirect winners, those businessmen, laboratory managers and also economics sectors can be considered where the next specialists will work. 4professional subject teachers Increase their skills
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