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Kuşak Çatışması
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Because of the modernisation, all the communities are affected by the demographic changes and their facts. Among the developments of the 20th century, the conflict of generations have appeared. Scientific and technological innovations changed the lifestyle and moral values of the people, the communication instruments caused new awakenings and formations. This new situation as called the conflict of generations have reached a global dimension and signalised the conflict areas and violence. The conflict of generations is a problem that not only we should deal with but the adults also. When the adults and the teenagers don’t show tolerance and empathy, family, social life, education life and working peace are damaged. By damaging the production, success, beneficial concentration, the sides live conflicts, disturbance, chaos, uneasiness and trauma process. This situation causes great losses in the personal, organisational, social, national and international areas. We, as Empathy Group, felt responsible in order to prevent the conflict of generations that causes great losses and wanted to do something. We determined that we can study best in preventing the conflict of generations with Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Programme. By this way, we decided to write our project. We will determine the common topics that causes the conflict of generations globally and handle them with pantomime. We will give a chance to the audiences to empathize and say ‘If I were, I would …’. As we will handle the topics that the audiences may come across, they will find themselves. And they will observe themselves externally and find their faults themselves. This can be seen an effective way as the people don’t like hearing their faults and criticised. We will provide that the audiences can understand easily by handling the topic with pantomime that they won’t stick the language problem. Moreover, we prefer the pantomime as it doesn’t necessitate audio system, decoration, technical infrastructure and it is practical. As the pantomime affects public’s attention, it is easy to be followed. At the same time, it appeals to the deaf people. We will carry out the shows in the young centres, some schools, locals and street activities. Especially by organising the street activities in different cities, we will reach different and many people. We will try to develop the empathy culture of the sides and making them to look in the other side eyes to the conflict area. We will gain attitude to the both sides without fighting, in tolerance and mutual understanding. With our project, we will establish a world which is nonconflicting and peaceful. We will construct a peaceful environment in which adults understand the youngsters and the youngsters respect adults. Our project will be held between 07-16 September 2015 in Romania, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and with the participation of Turkey in Fethiye.

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