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Kurs Szkoleniowy - Przywództwo Młodzieżowe Kluczem do Naszej Przyszłości
Start date: Mar 2, 2015, End date: Sep 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Title of the project - Training Course - Leadership of Youth as a Key to Our Future The project involves the organization of a training course for young leaders from 9 countries of the European Union (Croatia, Estonia, France, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Italy), which aim is to create and develop a stable and effective networking of young people, as well as to intensify and improve the quality of work with young people through the exchange of good practices during activities using instruments of non-formal education. Objectives of the project: - Improving of the quality of work with young people and extending its scope by stepping up cooperation at European level; - Strengthening contacts between partner organizations operating in their countries on the field of Youth; - Promoting educational and professional mobility; - Building a sustainable and effective network of international contacts; - Conducting motivational activities to intensify the processes and activities for young people in different countries and on the field of European initiatives; - Promoting youth initiatives through instruments of non-formal education; - Promoting multilingualism as a part which allows us to better understanding of young people from different countries in the world of globalization and the interpenetration of cultures; - Strengthening awareness of the essence of cooperation and intercultural and international dialogue; - Strengthening the role of youth workers by supporting their conceptual future activities in the implementation stage of the project. The project participants - 30 people from 9 countries of the European Union - 3 young leaders from each partner organization and 3 young Poles. They are people aged 18-30, active in the field of working with youth in the framework of the activities undertaken by their organizations. Each of these people, take a number of initiatives in the various areas of work with young people participating in the preparation of youth exchanges, training and training for young leaders, vocational training for the youth and youth practices allowing young people easier adaptation to the European labor market. Description of activities: The main objective of the project is to create a compact group of young leaders active in the field of work with young people, who after the implementation phase of the program will be able to work effectively, as well as they could transfer effects achieved on the local, regional, national, and international ground on the occasion of the opportunities of creating and participating in future initiatives. This will allow for better identification of existing problems and needs, coping with them through making choices, an active social life and using of knowledge. Realization of the goals, which include education, integration and preparing young people to take an active social life within the framework of the European Union, as citizens, students, workers and entrepreneurs will be a natural consequence of selection of individual points of the program, as well as partners (including all partner organizations) and people participating in the project, who will be able to share with the youth his wide knowledge and experiences. The whole project will be the result of international cooperation, which will contribute to the progress of European integration at youth level, increased efforts in the field of youth work in the future. It will also show young people how many benefits come from taking similar initiatives and intensify international cooperation. Methodology: Utilizing instruments of non-formal education - the entire implementation phase of the project will be based on workshops, discussions, outdoor activities, as well as meetings and visits involving cognitive trainers and experts. Results and potential long-term benefits: - The creation of a wide network of contacts, which allows to the expansion of international cooperation, especially in the field of working with young people; - Enrichment and personal and professional development of participants who will be able to implement future initiatives at the local, national and international levels in better way; - Create in the minds of young people opportunities and effects, which are inherent part of international cooperation, especially in the framework of European Union programs; - Propagation of models of youth work within the framework of the exchange of experiences, expertise and good practice which will be enhanced bringing long-term positive results. The project will have its impact at all levels - local, regional, national, and international. Project will also contribute to the activation of young people, enrich the educational offer with the elements of non-formal education in the education and training of young people, as well as it will intensify and improve the quality of ongoing international initiatives benefiting all European societies.
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