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The project develops, tests, evaluates and disseminates ways of using art to helpsocially and culturally disadvantaged pupils and pupils with learning difficulties andintegrate them culturally. Various complex art projects are developed together withpupils at the partner schools, all of which apply the Waldorf method, with instructionfrom artists with teaching experience (mainly painters and musicians) from the AlanusArt School, implemented over several weeks and presented to the public in exhibitionsetc. These artistic projects are designed to awaken pupils’ initiative, powers of culturalexpression and creativity.The objective is to overcome a lack of self-confidence, rekindle the joy of learning andlearning skills and thus improve the chances of success at school and integration.Previous experience has also shown that art projects can permanently improve socialskills. A scientific evaluation verifies these effects empirically, and the results arepublished as part of the dissemination strategy.The results are disseminated mainly among political circles. The project integratesfurther training for artists and teachers, during which they learn how to apply art projectsand art exercises in order to encourage pupils from underprivileged backgrounds. Thisfurther training is available permanently for trainees from all countries of Europe. Theschool will also run a European advisory and support network of and for schools with alarge proportion of socially underprivileged pupils and pupils with learning difficultieswho want to work in an art medium.

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