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Kultuuri sõlmed (Knots of Culture)
Start date: Jul 1, 2011,

Our project "Knots of Culture" is for young medical students from 4 different countries (Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Poland). The aim of our project is to raise the awareness about cultural differences in medicine. Project groups together about 10 students from each country. The project is held in Estonia, Tartu and takes place from 19.08.2011- 26.08.2011.Knots of Culture opens an international discussion about possible cultural differences that future medics might deal with in the globalizing world. During the project we learn about different cultures, we gather ideas of how to act in different situations depending on the patients' cultural background. Learning by non-informal educational methods includes teamwork, roleplay, group discussions, simulation of catastrophy situation as a modern hotspot in cultural mixture in medical field.Our goal is to connect young european medical students from different countries, cultures and religion; promote solidarity and tolerance among young people; give knowledge about cultural differences especially among minorities. One aim of the project is to make a video about the youth exchange and gather up the constructive information about the cultural differences topic. The video will be a good means of learning for the students in participating countires and follow-up event to show the conclusions and results of the youth exchange.
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