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Start date: Feb 15, 2010,

In the aftermath of a post-conflict situation, Moldova, and especially the eastern part of the country, on both banks of the Dniestr river, bear the marks of political division and low socio-economic development. These divisions, poverty, stereotypes and lack of communication between people are detrimental to the youth' self development in this area. For them, cultural opportunities are scare if not non existent.The aim of this project is to use cultural diversity and cultural development as a bridge between the people of both banks of the Dniestr river in Moldova. The young people participating in the EVS will have the possibility to use their creativity and originality to contribute to cultural development of the eastern region of Moldova, while being themselves immersed in the local traditions of Moldova. They will be expected to stimulate the local youth by showing them new ways of thinking, new horizons, news possibilities of self-development. Any creative means is welcome and all support will be given to the volunteer to express his/her own artistic potential (theater performance, music, dancing exhibitions, plastic art...)During the 6 month duration of the project, the EVS volunteer is expected to contribute to the cultural redynamism of the the area, to broaden the horizons of the local, socially disadvantaged youth, by any cultural means of its choice. Diversity is strongly encouraged in this project where the EVS will be fulfilled by its role to act a "bridge maker" between people.Sending young volunteers in a "neighboring country" is a challenge that is worth taking, but the impact is also stronger as the EVS will have the opportunity to act as European citizen and to build the Europe of tomorrow.
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