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Kulinarna Europa - szansa na rozwój
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is aimed at high school students technician specializing in hospitality, food service organization techniques, techniques chef, who will leave for a 14-day internship to Portugal. Recruitment of participants in the projects will be carried out at the school level, but control of the execution of the tasks will hold the Association. Once the project is to implement the students, parents and teachers will be informed during calls, meetings, on the website of the school / program. Each student will be able submitting the application and take part in the recruitment process. Of all the applicants selected will be 30 people who will be able to benefit from the offer practice in Portugal. Together with a group of 30 students for training teachers leave 2 carers who in addition to the care and monitoring of the project, will be able to observe good practice. Given the required and necessary experience and practical skills of employees of restaurants, hotels and catering and hotel facilities, there is the problem of knowledge obsolescence and most importantly, the lack of basic skills and teaching in the field of practical teaching profession, because the purpose of their trip is to increase the competence of teachers and teaching practice professions related to food processing and catering by confronting teachers theoretical knowledge with practice and currently prevailing trends. Successful students will be trained prior to departure preparation (linguistic and cultural). Departure for an internship this group of students meets the needs of the labor market in the region and its surroundings, to qualified employees of foodservice and hospitality with knowledge of foreign languages. Restaurants, hotels seek to recruit the best chefs and waiters who speak foreign languages. Unfortunately, it often turns out that the market is many skilled cooks, waiters but unfortunately not familiar with or poor knowledge of foreign languages, which closes the way to work in large, international hotels and restaurants.Participants in the project, in most cases come from rural areas, families of the farmers. The majority are families affected by helplessness and pathology. In combination with high unemployment occurring in the region, students and graduates are more at risk of social exclusion. Youth often takes negative patterns presented in the house, demonstrates the leadership of entitlement, not a task. Participation in the project will help to shape among students and graduates open to the world and gain new experiences attitude.The main objectives of the project are:a) the acquisition and consolidation of practical knowledge in the cradle of culinary culture,b) improvement of language skills in the general vocabulary with emphasis on training,Other objectives are:a) motivation to continue learning the profession, as well as the development of language skills,b) to learn new techniques and methods of work,c) to learn a new culture,d) knowledge of cooking and eating habits in Portugal,e) open to other labor markets,f) the use of observations and experiences after returning from practice in further education and future careers,g) to acquire and strengthen the skills to adapt and work in an international environment,h) increased self-confidence, self-reliance, maturity, openness,i) withdrawing the ability to cope with stress, solve problems,j) the attitude of tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity and socialk) establishing and building positive intercultural relations.In pursuing these objectives, students will have a better chance of finding a job, not only in Poland, but also abroad. Departure is also able to realize the dream of professional, getting to know the cradle of culinary culture. Here, besides the new professional experiences see how you are working in the international standards, like to work under time pressure, how they deal with the experienced staff, learn the language of Portuguese everyday and especially industry, which would not be feasible at this level, in the region their residence.
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