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Kültürlerarasý Gönüllülük
Start date: May 1, 2011,

Women and children are our prior working groups in our activities. The participation of the working class in our project to the applying and progressing to the project is our prior principle. We fulfilled many important projects and activities. Realization of the violance in the family with the women and children Project, Handiwork Project with women, Project of the study room for the children, Pen Friend Project and Health project which is fulfilled by the participation of the people living in the neighbourhood are examples of our previous projects. All of these projects are created according to the needs and demands of the people living in the neighbourhood and maximum attention is paid on the participation of them to the projects. Our EVS activities will be in our office in Fener. Volunteer will have a program of 35 hours per week. The free days will be in the week and volunteer will work at the weekend. Volunteer will create activities for children and will take place in lasting projects like publication works, internet searching, taking photography, in the scope of Women Activities. Volunteer's effort will be highly appreciated for preparing interesting and refreshing activities for children. Volunteer is also expected to be actively participating to the projects and activities conducted by association. The creativity and skills of the volunteer will determine the how much responsibility gets the volunteer. We will host one volunteer, from Denmark. The service will take 5 months.

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