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Kültürel Kahramanlar Uyuşturucuya Karşı (Cultural Hereos Against Drug Addiction)
Start date: Mar 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The rate of drug using is rising day by day threatening the youth. Rapid urbanization, stress and/or monotony at work/schools, narrowing hobby fields and lack of communication are the main reasons for this. By means of this project, we will point out this problem with a historic point of view and prepare good examples for youth.Objectives;-The cultural heroes of the partner countries will meet and give messages against drug addiction via seminars, posters and slogans.-Through drama performances a common language will be created in solidarity to point out social problems.-Outdoor activities will be organised and new social fields will be created for the youngsters.-There will be collaboration with the organisations/institutions fighting against drug addiction especially for disseminating the project outputs.-New aspects will be introduced for fighting drug using.There are 40 participants aged 16-24 and 10 leaders from 8 countries. The participants are experienced within their associations’ scope in the areas such as youth projects, social responsibility events, healthy life activities, works on anti-violence education and studies against gender discrimination and racial segration. They are also competent youngs in art branches (music, painting-graffiti, drama-theatre, photography and folkdance) and they will be guideded by the leaders. During the project activities each partner will attend the events in the costumes of their own cultural heroes. And in the national nights partners will introduce their own traditional food, dance and music. Project activities will involve informal education methods and will adress particularly the youngs. The ativities are;• Workshops and seminars,• Drama performances,• Graffiti works,• Costume, poster and slogan works,• Short filming,• Nature walks and demonstrative marching to raise awareness about drug addiction,• Planting tree,• Environment clean-up event,• Exercising for a healthy life,• Introducing traditional food and music&dance.Thanks to the project activities we will urge adults, youngs and children to fight against drug addiction. On the other hand, we will draw attention to the growing danger introducing them to different cultural values suffering from the same problem, and finally we will improve sensitivity to the nature.The participants will disseminate their experience in their own countries. The activities will also be shared on our website to attract people's attention and to spread them. Besides, the activities against drug addiction will be designed peculiar to the interests of youngsters to draw their attention. To be able to make as many people as possible involve in the activities, there will be advertisement and publicity works.During this project different countries, languages, religions and cultures will meet at the same point. They will work and share together without gender discrimination, which, to us, will be a good model in the national and international scope.

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