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KTA Brakel verruimt zicht op de toekomst met het Future Classroom Lab
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In this summary, we are going to present our school, KTA Brakel, and the Future Classroom Lab (FCL). 1) Who is KTA Brakel? KTA Brakel is a small school in a rural context (approximately 265 pupils and 45 teachers) that provides different courses in BSO, TSO and ASO. Our school is situated on the crossroads of different larger cities. At the moment, our school is busy with a process of change. Last school year was all about working on new curricula (STEM), track down the strengths and weakness through a thorough internal screening, looking for qualitative teaching materials, experimenting with different teaching methods, setting up partnerships and the follow up of the new school building project which starts this year. During the present but also next school year, the school wants to focus on the infrastructural extension and the start up of an operational Future Classroom Lab. 2) What is a Future Classroom Lab (FCL)? A Future Classroom Lab (FCL) is an inspirational learning environment, challenging visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in their classrooms. Through six learning zones, visitors can explore the essential elements in delivering 21st century learning: students' and teachers' skills and roles, learning styles, learning environment design, current and emerging technology, and societal trends affecting education. (Also have a look at the website ) This inspiring learning environment is supposed to give pupils and teachers the chance to try out new methodologies and set up long term projects. Moreover, the school wants to commit itself to strive for quality by giving teachers the possibility to start up new projects every year. Another aim is the further professionalisation of the entire teachers team to make sure they learn and understand how to use the FCL to the fullest. The physical division of the classroom refers to the different phases of competency training, in which every division supports a certain activity: • Investigate • Create • Exchange • Develop • Present 3) What is the unique position of a Future Classroom Lab in KTA Brakel? KTA Brakel is a small school, situated in a rural environment. Just because the teaching staff and the pupils are able to start their lessons in the correct innovative context, the school responds to a larger initial motivation of its pupils and staff. Our school sees the Future Classroom Lab as the exquisite opportunity to broaden the horizons of teachers as well as the horizons of the pupils. The school’s aim is to bring the entire world closer through multimedia, to link the professional world into the classrooms and to give the local community the chance to explore all the possibilities of the Future Classroom Lab. Since our school is situated in a rural context, it provides an excellent occasion to open its FCL to a broader audience. People is a rural environment don’t always have the opportunity to meet and explore the possibilities which multimedia offers. The FCL of KTA Brakel wants to address the local community and make sure it is accessible with local businesses. The school also wants to keep in mind to open up the FCL to a various gamma of courses for adults (cf languages or multimedia) and/or give local businesses the opportunity to fully use the FCL for presentations, workshops and meetings. 4) To which needs of the school is the proposed project able to answer? The unique character of the Future Classroom Lab in Flanders ensures KTA Brakel has to look for ideas and inspiration abroad. Because of the innovative nature of this FCL, teachers have to be guided and supported in using this new type of classroom but also in the newly developed methodologies that are associated with it. Within Europe, we can find different inspiring projects in which our teachers can try out job shadowing and on the spot learning and training. In short, we have choses the following institutes as a source of inspiration and to cooperate with: * Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Savoia Benincasa (Ancona - Italy) * Waino Aaltonen School (Turku - Finland) * Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education (Tromo en Oslo - Norway) * Scientix: Scientix promotes and supports a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) teachers, education researchers, policymakers and other STEM education professionals. 5) What does KTA Brakel want to achieve with the intended objectives? The main aim of the project is to give the entire teacher’s team the opportunity to get professionalized. Through the close collaboration of our Flemish partner schools and our foreign partners, we hope to establish a beautiful and long-term cooperation and exchange between KTA Brakel and the other institutions.
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