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Kształcenie zawodowe na miarę potrzeb unijnego rynku pracy - staż dla technika mechatronika i elektryka
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main purpose of the project is mastering vocational qualifications by students of mechatronics and electrical engineering in the context of changing materials and technologies, in order to be able to live up to their future employers’ expectations as well as prepare them to function within the constantly changing job market. Through organizing the work placement abroad our school is trying to accommodate challenges carried by the changes in socio-economical surrounding. Our actions aim at reinforcing students' development according to their needs and abilities. Vocational training, for both mechatronics and electrical engineering professions, is carried out in school classrooms all year round, while work placements in real work conditions last only four weeks throughout the entire education course. Doing the work placement within international companies under the eye of qualified instructors and among students' peers will enable students to gain experience and competence hard to be acquired domestically. Improving the vocational language skills in mechatronics and electrical engineering area, as well as developing personal and social competency sought by employers, will affect positively students' confidence and encourage them to find jobs not only within the local job market. Number and profile of the participants. There are twelve 17 and 18-year-old students from the second and third-grade of technical college, trained to be technicians in mechatronics and electrical engineering, planned to take part in the project. The students study full time and acquire their skills in simulation classes and during four-week work placements in companies. After passing qualification exams students graduate from the technical college as technicians gaining diplomas in mechatronics or electrical engineering. The participants of the project are studying two foreign languages: English and German. The project is planned to last 2 years. The first mobility (6 students of Vocational Education School Complex- ZSZ nr 1) is planned to take place in May 2016. The next mobility for the other group will take place at the same time in 2017. Aims of the project: - mastering vocational qualifications and gaining experience by students of mechatronics and electrical engineering in order to be able to live up to their future employers’ expectations and enter the work market with success, - improving students' vocational language skills in the area of mechatronics and electrical engineering enabling them carry out business tasks, - developing personal and social competencies such as responsibility, work discipline, teamwork, self-reliance, dealing with stress and self- confidence, - cultivating multicultural competencies: openness and tolerance towards cultural differences as well as acquainting the students with the history and culture of Berlin and its surroundings. Description of activities: Students will accomplish a three-week internship at the German factories in Berlin. Before the internship, the qualified participants will take part in cultural and linguistic preparation. The participants also take part in cultural program in Germany. At the end of the internship the students are supposed to make a multimedia presentation and a webpage on a social networking site describing the course and outcomes of the internship. The participants will receive Europass - Mobility and a certificate of participation. Dissemination, promotion and evaluation of the project have been planned as well. Effects: The internship in Germany will allow the students to gain many practical skills: the use of computer programs, carrying out jobs connected with assembly processes, working with and using electrical and mechatronics systems. The tangible result of the implementation of the activities will be a multimedia presentation and a webpage on a social networking site made by the project participants. The participants in the project will improve their abilities to use the vocational language in the area of mechatronics and electrical engineering. Knowledge of basic vocabulary in this field will allow them to perform specific tasks. By breaking the language barrier they will acquire the ability to communicate in different situations, not only professional, but also of everyday life. The internship will also increase their motivation to learn the German language. The students will be aware of the importance of language skills while abroad. They will strengthen their personal and social skills: self-reliance, team work, diligence in performing tasks. The participants will have to face many new situations. They will find themselves in unfamiliar environment, learning how to cope with stress at the same time. New experience and prestige of participation in the project will increase their self-confidence and capabilities. Understanding the history and culture of the region, contact with German peers will develop an attitude of openness and sensit
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