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Kronach 2020 - Lorenz-Kaim-Vocational-School in national contact
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Lorenz-Kaim-State-Vocational- School Kronach is located in the heart of Germany. We are 66 teachers and about 1400 students who are being trained in metal and electronic technology, nutrition, tourism, economics and administration, caring professions and domestic science. We are in close contact with companies, hotels, IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), HWK (Chamber of Handicrafts), VHS (Adult Education Centre), district administration and universities. Our goal is to continue shaping the region Upper Franconia into an attractive place for young people as the decrease in population is problematic in this area. There are many companies which cannot find young people to employ. Our strategy of internationalisation aims in the long term at providing opportunities for national and international exchanges for our students and teachers. It is thus our main goal to provide options which convey international occupational competence. Our dual apprenticeship could be a key element for other countries in acquiring access to new industries. The State Vocational School Kronach has been a QmbS school (quality management) since 2010. Working together with the government of Upper Franconia, the administrative head of the district and the VHS (Adult Education centre) we were able to take part in several different European programs. These are: 2009 Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility – Technical School of Limassol Cyprus – Lerning by using new electronic teaching media 2011 Comenius “Austausch von Lehrern” (Exchange of Teachers) – Government of Upper Franconia, Mittelschule Redwitz, Episkopi School Board Cyprus, Gymnasio Episkopis Cyprus 2013/2014 Leonardo Da Vinci VetPro mobility – Use IT 2013/2014 Leonardo Da Vinci VetPro mobility – media, curriculum and didactic strategies in apprenticeships Since 2013, we have been in international cooperations with regional companies and at the moment we work on projects together with the Bertelsmann-Foundation and the Bavarian-Indian centre BayIND. These projects are supposed to establish the dual apprenticeship program in other countries as well. For many years, we have had partnerships with vocational schools in Hungary which included visits and student exchanges in the gastronomic sector. These connections are still important for our current project, “Erasmus+ 2014/2016 – Kronach 2020 – From a Regional to an International Connection.“ Our partner in Cyprus is the “Technical School of Limassol”, one of three vocational schools with a standard similar to that of a German vocational school. It is also the second biggest technical college in Cyprus. After the Cypriot declaration of independence in 1960, government programs aimed at training young people in classes with technical and trade related key areas. The “Technical School of Limassol” is responsible for the vocational education in the district of Limassol. It offers courses in metal, mechatronics, welding, the work of a locksmith and wood processing as well as classes in economics and administration. After successfully completing a program at this school, students may enrol at the Lyceum in order to fulfil the entrance requirement for further education. The Technical School Limassol will be the receiving partner of this agreement (mobility program/ project). They will provide all necessary contacts in Cyprus and they will make agreements with the school sending mobilities. This includes the planning as well as the carrying out of the planned activities. (cf. ECVET partnership agreement). Aims and activities: We wish to continue our strategy of internationalisation as well as to gain further insight and information about comparing the education systems nationally. Our goal is to make advancement at school regarding the methodical–didactical field acquainted. Our last projects had a lasting effect. Therefore we like to connect our partners in Estonia, Cyprus and Hungary to exchange experiences in bilateral and multilateral ways. Moreover, with this intercultural exchange a European public spirit should be established. An activity of the program is the development of teaching units for a mechatronic system which can be used interactive as well. Besides, connection systems for vocational and further training with the help of the government or institutions for further training are intended. We like to support the comparability of advanced training courses and that contents of instruction of regional companies are accepted. We intend to send two groups of six people to our partner country. The results are shared with the help of our homepage. Other possibilities to spread the outcome are the local press and other media. As basis for the project a cooperation agreement and learning agreement according to ECVET is used. All participants fill in a Europass-curriculum-vitae to get to know this instrument. Furthermore they get a Europass-mobility-verification.

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