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Kreowanie usług turystycznych na podstaiwe potrzeb zdefiniowanych w kraju pochodzenia turysty
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Creating tourism services based on the needs as defined in the tourist's country of origin" will be implemented by Zespół Szkół Ekonomiczno-Hotelarskich (ZSE-H) in Kołobrzeg (Poland) and Tech College Aalborg (TCAA) in Aalborg (Denmark). The participants will be a group of 16 students of ZSE-H who are educated in the educational profile of advertising organization technician and tourism service technician. The key component will be a four-week placement in Aalborg which is scheduled for 04.09.2017- 30.09.2017. The aim of the project is to get to know the Danish tourism market and the rules of creating a tourist product, methodology of introducing such a product to the market, organizing and conducting a marketing campaign on the practical basis along with the acquisition of practical skills by the participants in the following substantial areas:-rules of operations of Danish travel agents and hotel system of guest service,-managing and organizing operations of a travel agency, document preparation and circulation,-acquisition and accumulation of information about expectations, habits and customs of Danish tourists in their home country, which are useful for creating offers that promote trips to Poland, -creating tourist offers, methodology of client acquisition in accordance with the standards of Danish tourism-hotel business,-developing and introducing a tourist product to the market, building up a marketing campaign, preparation of marketing materials,- setting up and administering the website dedicated to the entities which operate within tourism and hotel business,-using information technologies while creating tourist offers, organizing a marketing campaign and selling the tourist product.The practical classes will be carried out in specialist classrooms of Tech College Aalborg, and in some Danish hotels and tourist agencies.The participants will receive certificates signed by the host institution, along with the Europass Mobility document. The project assumes the verification of the acquired skills and learning outcomes in accordance with the procedures of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).The project’s soft outcome will be the participants’ obtaining niche and unique skills and specialist knowledge regarding the rules of functioning of Danish tourist agencies and hotels , as well as the knowledge of Danish socio-cultural realities. It is a very important area of knowledge and skills for Kołobrzeg’s tourism and it is the area that will strengthen the project participants’ position on the labour market on the account of the increasing trend of tourist traffic from Denmark. Last year three thousand tourists from Denmark visited Kołobrzeg, but this number includes only so-called ‘qualified stays’ which last minimum 3 days. The actual number of guests from Denmark is surely much higher than that The geographical closeness of the Danish island of Bornholm (there is a regular sea connection with Kołobrzeg) and the Danish national football team’s stay in Kołobrzeg during Euro 2012 made our region popular, generating a possibility of a substantial increase in the influx of Danish tourists and in the diversification of tourist traffic. Thus the project becomes part of this trend and it meets the region’s needs in a long-term run. The material outcome of the project will be a tourist offer, which will be developed by the placement participants while in Denmark and which will be aimed at Danish clients inviting him to come to Kołobrzeg and our country; it will be moderated and verified by Danish specialists, be created on the basis of the knowledge about Danish tourists acquired in his home country. An e-script will be made which will analyse the expectations, habits , needs of Danish tourists as identified and defined during the placement. The e-script will be made available on the school’s website and to the trade businesses which will be interested in it. ZSE-H in Kołobrzeg, being the beneficiary of the project presumes obtaining the institutional trans-border added value in the form of a selective transfer of Danish solutions in educating future employees of tourism business sector. The particular aim of the practical interest will be a project method which is widespread in the Danish educational system with reference to the education of technicians of advertising organization and tourism service. The project is supported by Kołobrzeg’s hotels and travel agencies which operate tourist traffic from Denmark and which are interested in the project implementation. On the Danish side in the context of the project implementation, Danish hotels and travel agencies will cooperate with the host institution, thus it will be an opportunity to start up new trans-border business relations.
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