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Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our planned project’s aim is to assist youngsters and especially disadvantaged and multiple disadvantaged youngsters to become entrepreneurs by transmitting knowledge of entrepreneurship and developing entrepreneurial skills or abilities. The program is implemented by four countries’ four organizations, and the youth exchange is held in Levelek. With the help of this exchange, we want to transmit thorough knowledge in a more effective way. The proposed exchange is 10-day-long, and there are 8 participants and 1 group leader from the organizations. The exchange is held between 09.05.2016 and 18.05.2016.The reason behind the implementation of the program is that youth unemployment is getting more and more serious in countries that are in the project, and not just in those countries but in Europe as well. To find solution or answers for this problem, we have to show alternatives for the youngsters that can provide a living on the long run, have positive effects on their life circumstances and affects the countries’ economic competitiveness in a positive way. Youngsters are full of innovative ideas and creativity however, with lack of thorough knowledge and skills, they cannot turn these ideas into practice. So our program was created because of this reason. We want to show them a possible way on how to put their ideas into practice, that is to say launching or continuing a lucrative activity. During the planned exchange, they will find answers for questions like how to launch enterprises, what are the obligations in connection with that, the importance of entrepreneurial skills, how to form relations, what are the good business relations like, how to get market for the enterprises or what are the main duties when operating an enterprise, etc. These are such questions that remain unanswered during the school years, so it is necessary to provide programs where the youngsters can get answers and information, and where their entrepreneurial skills are improved. These set of skills will not only help them becoming better entrepreneurs, but their chances of getting employed are highly increased. And top of that, if these competencies and knowledge are possessed, the labour-market integration can be better realized for the sake or disadvantaged and multiple disadvantaged youngsters.
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