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Kraishte - Region of unique varieties of fruit crops
Start date: Aug 18, 2011, End date: Feb 18, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The tragegy of the project has following characteristics: 1.CBR Kraishtе has complicated, conflicting history.Therefore it is important the trend of cross-border partnership improvement. 2.The municipalities of Treklyano,Zemen,Tran,Bosilegrad,Vladicin han and Surdulica are locating in border region. Through the project it is aimed to support the process of eurointegration. 3.During 2008 has been carried out the project Reinforcement of the local capacity and cooperation between institutions, local businesses and the communities of the municipalities of Kovachevtsi, Trekliano and Zemen (Bulgaria) and Bosilegrad (Serbia) through development of a sustainable CBC model for small municipalities. The present project is a continuation of the above mentioned project, trough implementation of model model for CBC`s.At present it has not been accomplished such a project in Kraiste region.The Strategy of the proposed problem solution of modern fruit growing development based on local varieties, including the following elements: 1.Researching and analyzing the condition for sustainable development of Kraiste region, related with the determination, preservation and utilization of diversity of the endangered specific local fruit crops. 2.Raising awareness and capacity of the local population about the possibilities for conservation and environment-friendly use of the valuable local fruit crops varieties in Kraishte. 3.Programme for renewing of local fruit crops varieties and creating fruit nurseries with gene banks in the municipalities of Bosilegrad and Treklyano. 4.Multiplication and sustainability of the project is implemented through the establishment of the Center for CBC Kraishte,which is assisting the regional development. 5.The project results will be suitable for subsequent project proposals for establishment of nurseries and orchards with local fruit crops varieties and small enterprises for fruit processing fruits, with possibility for bio-certification of the products. Achievements: The main project objective was to determine and preserve the rich biodiversity of poorly known and unknown fruit crops variety in the cross-border region of Kraishte, increasing the interest of the target groups for preservation and use of the native varieties of fruit trees, as well as encouraging of environment-friendly fruit-growing, as an organic agriculture branch. The project objective was met through implementation of the following activities:- Researching, identifying and documenting of local varieties of fruit crop fields in the region of Kraishte. This was the main activity of the project and included a study performed through external expertise on the elaboration and distribution of 800 questionnaires among the target group, identification and GPS mapping and photographing of unique local fruit varieties;- Processing of the received questionnaires, development of grid maps of the identified fruit tree varieties. Specialized software was developed to manage the database of the identified fruit varieties. The results were presented in a trilingual catalogue;- Development of Strategy for AFGFI and Programme of creating of two fruit nurseries in Treklyano and Bosilegrad for preservation of local varieties threatened with extinction;- Organization of a workshop with international participation for strategic development and practical training of target groups. The activity included 2 training sessions in ecological fruit growing of local varieties and an international workshop on the development of fruit-growing and food industry in the region;- Establishment of the Eco-network and Center of CBC Kraishte in Bosilegrad. An international forum was organised in Bosilegrad at the end of the project to present the achieved results under the project.

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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Serbia IPA CBC (BG-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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