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KR - EUKLA - European Korean Leadership Alliance
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

Using the successful model of airline alliances, the EU/Korea Leadership Alliance (EUKLA) will establish a frameworkwithin which international activities between the EU and Korea will be promoted, recorded, recognized, and rewarded.With involvement from key industries with vested links in the EU and Korea, EUKLA will establish clear point-basedpathways to engage engineering and business students in international activities leading to recognized outcomes withreal career benefits. A total of 84 EU students and 60 Korean students will participate in the mobility component toaccumulate overseas activity points, covering intercultural activities, foreign language acquisition, industrial placements,and research activities. Completion of a pathway will then be acknowledged with a special EUKLA award status: silver,gold, or platinum, jointly recognized by all the university, industry, embassy, and local government partners. As a result,EUKLA will build a strong synergy between the partners to promote mobility, recognize achievement, and meet theneeds of EU/Korean industry, thereby securing the long-term growth and success of EU/Korean relations.

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