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Konuşarak Öğren, Konuşarak Öğret
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We wanted this project which will resolve the problem of speaking skill a key role of learning a foreign language through increasing the competence of the teachers who will improve the skills of the students. Our institution attaches importance on training our education staff so that the activities for quality improvement (e.g. particularly boosting student achievement) could effectively be performed. Two English teachers attending in the project and having enough experiences in their branches were selected from those voluntary and aspiring teachers. Although they had enough knowledge in their branches, they had difficulty in upskilling the student like other language teachers. As known, speaking skills are of more importance than other language skills since they are considered as one of the most difficult skills to be built. The project required those teachers who have knowledge about methods and ideas applied to speaking skills training. It was expected that the course given by Cork English Training World Ltd. called as "English Language Skills" was going to solve the matter technically. Actions to be taken for promoting pronunciation can be followed as: how to teach correct pronunciation rules, the methods and ideas to improve the speaking skills, using the internet as a source for speaking skills improvement, the methods for fluency. Another course given by International Projects Centre Ltd, "Developing Oral Fluency in the English Language Classroom (Secondary)", played a key role in the project as it proposes how, in real life, the teachers practice the technical information learned from the course. The course provided teachers with a native English speaking atmosphere, the methods for dealing with the challenges in language teaching, new ideas to improve language proficiency, application methods for communicative and student-centered approach in language teaching, the techniques to build speaking skills at classroom environment, the methods to encourage and motive the students who have difficulty in speaking fluently and hold themselves from speaking, an opportunity to use the language in daily life. Communicative approach which is preferred in language training was adopted for the two courses. This method involved activities which enhances the creativity and enables to share knowledge and to communicate. The participants were prepared for communication status that may be encountered in the near future and practiced speaking activities reflecting the real life. The teachers who improved their own speaking skills and learned the methods to build language skills performed better and used the language more efficiently. Those who carried out what they learned from the course supported the students to learn English through speaking. The more the students communicated in a foreign language, the more they comprehended it and their motivation increased. Our teachers who found the answer of the question "Why we cannot speak English?" also found ways to solve the problems about "speaking" skill that play a major role in language teaching. The solution stated above contributed to the development of our institution through improvement in our school achievement of language teaching. After our project team transferred their experience and conveyed their knowledge to their colleagues and school management, we had an opportunity to carry out the new ideas and approaches for the quality improvement. At the end of the project, the project participants attended in group meetings conducted in our province and district to share information and approaches about building speaking skills with English language teachers. They also contributed to language education in the region by ensuring provincial educational group meetings to adopt the materials and methods for this purpose.

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