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Kontrakultur - Resurscentralen
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We want to strengthen democracy and culture by supporting the local, independent cultural organizations in Malmö and the region. By developing our project, Resurscentralen, we hope to increase our capacity to offer resources and competences and thus aiding the local organizations in our network We want to develop our project Resurscentralen, a cooperative space where people can make use of their creative skills and competences and contribute to the cultural life, grass roots movements and local community. We want to create ways to use knowledge that is acquired through non formal education, and life experience rather than traditional education. We want to offer a possibility of sharing ones skills and contributing to a society where culture and involvement is more accessible. We are looking for 1 candidate with some life experience and experience from various fields of work and studies. Our aim is to find a candidate of 25-30 years old. The candidate will have administrative experience and an ability of working with long term projects and understand community involvement. The volunteer will assist the work coordinator with administrative parts of the project. The volunteer will learn how to manage the project and develop the ideas. The volunteer will participate in the practical work in Resurscentralen in order to help out in the daily tasks, participate in the evaluation and improvement of the activities and learn the different knowledge needed to perform them. When needed the volunteer will work with keeping open the creative workshops where the creative work is performed, they will learn crafts and techniques that they will be asked to pass forward to visitors and participants. The volunteer will take part in sociocratic meetings with the working group in order to gain a deeper understanding of the organization, its priorities and development plans. They will learn dynamic governance methods and evaluation systems to create and realize collective solutions. In all processes the volunteer will be invited to share their skills and knowledge in order to improve and develop the work and the organization. After the year long project we envision that Resurscentralen has increased both its active members and its activities and has made more and stronger connections with the local cultural life. We hope that the volunteer will bring with her an increased understanding of how it is possible to work with collective processes, how to coordinate cultural collaborations and have gain more knowledge from different fields. The longer term benefits from a well developed project would be an increased participation in cultural life, enabling more organizations to use resources for a low cost and through this foster creative collaborations. More people will have the opportunity to participate and engage in processes revolving cultural events and projects, and learn and share knowledge collectively. Our project will promote integration as participants with different background will cooperate in maintaining, developing and running Resurscentralen.

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