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Konsolidierung und Aufbruch
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

By means of its 'Phoenix' project (consolidation and new moves) and ten planned conferences, AEI intends to analyze current economic and financial consolidation in the European Union. Furthermore, AEI aims to provide orientation and impulses to the - by then - newly elected and constituted European institutions (Parliament, Commission), in order to assist them in overcoming economic and financial problems in Europe through new modes of European integration.Six conferences will analyze the European economic and financial crisis from different perspectives (interdisciplinary conflict theory, market regulation, tax and fiscal policy, political economy, fiscal federalism, political science). The conferences will discuss practical solutions for stimulating growth and employment in the EU.Moreover, in the external affairs dimension, conferences will address the topic of further enlargement, the transatlantic free trade agreement and EU external trade policies. The conferences will aim to contribute towards a more harmonious and democratic EU common commercial policy.Two conferences will discuss patterns of future European integration: differentiated integration and the concept of a federal Europe.All conferences are multidisciplinary (involving in particular political science, law and economics), based on dialogue between academic and practical worlds (comprising representatives from academia, civil society, media, politics and public administration) and international (speakers and participants from a variety of countries).The academic, political and pedagogical sustainability of the conference results will be ensured through publishing the outcomes of six conferences in the AEI book publications series. In addition, speakers' contributions will be published in academic journals, and the conference reports will be published. The conference outcomes will be used in higher education teaching.
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