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Kompetenzen für eine europäische Berufsausbildung
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project background Since taking over the project management from the former project manager, BBS Am Pottgraben in Osnabrueck, we have been able to offer the project throughout the entire country and to raise the number of flows. At the same time, we have been able to involve more training companies and vocational schools (industrial and business). Project goals Our project aims specifically at enhancing applicants’ job chances through their acquisition of a further qualification. With this main goal, we are confident that participants – in addition to strengthening their self-competence - will improve their communication skills in a foreign language and will absorb new learning methods (informal and non-formal learning) thus strengthening and broadening their overall professional and political competencies. The intention of our project is to enable applicants to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme who otherwise have no such opportunity through a school or an company Number and profiles of participants We have applied for 235 flows for the coming application period, the majority of which for a period of four or more weeks. Most of the participants are in a dual vocational system. Twenty of these applicants are completing their vocational education (horticulture, agriculture and home economics) in a facility for the handicapped and have special needs. Description of project activities The project coordinator carries the main responsibility for preparation, operative implementation and evaluation. Specialised institutions and experts are involved when preparatory seminars are carried out. Language courses are in some instances organized by the participants themselves or – where eligible for funding – are carried out in the respective training companies or schools. These make a preselection of the applicants based on qualitative criteria. We make the final decision on the choice of the participating students. Our policy is to leave organising accommodation in the target country and making travel arrangements to the participants themselves. We merely assume an advisory and supportive role. Schools and the training companies are involved in the wrap-up. Procedures for project realisation All of the participants are required to submit applications to us (motivation essay, CV etc.) and to take part in our preparatory seminars (general information about the project, EU management game). All applicants receive our brochure with detailed information about the programme. As needed, we assist in the search for partner companies. The preparatory seminars take place at various locations, depending of the participants. Those travelling alone are given individual support. During their stay, participants must prepare a weekly report which has to be sent to the project coordinator the following week by e-mail. There is a total of three evaluation questionnaires that must be completed. Description of the targeted results and impact The main goal of our programme is to enhance applicants’ job chances through a further training qualification, which also empowers them to be tolerant and open when dealing with people from other countries as well as to be able to live and work in other countries. We are confident that these main goals will be reflected in broadened political competence in addition to the professional competencies gained. We support workers’ councils in their task of improving the quality of vocational training and to disseminate Erasmus+. Description of the anticipated long-term benefits For training companies, sending trainees on internships is an integral part of personnel development. Through the stays in a foreign country, participants gain an important broadening of their competencies which greatly enhances their employment chances. (The majority of the flows are for four weeks or longer.) Participants with special needs gain increased independence. Through these transfer activitities/mobility measures, our organisation is able to deepen and broaden its competencies and is in a position to implement other European programmes also involved with the first steps in vocational training. The publicity-effective functions at which, together with the information centre europe direct, we award Europass Mobility, contribute to better public awareness of the European unification.
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