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Kompetencje językowe nauczycieli sposobem na sukces nowoczesnej szkoły
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objectives of the project „Teachers’ language competence as a key to a successful modern school” are the following:1. to increase school staff language skills,2. to promote tolerance and cultural diversity understanding among the students and the staff3. to popularize language learning, multilingualism and cross-cultural awareness,4. to provide a better quality in education, introduce innovative teaching methods, CLIL in particular and new technologies in teaching,5. to emphasize European dimension in education - European culture days will be organized once a term to promote different EU countries,6. to expand school European contacts and to enable both the students and the teachers to participate in international projects.All the aims listed above correspond to the Erasmus+ programme and aspire to improve the quality of education as well as the school European dimension. 14 different subject teachers will take part in the project. Through the combining of their knowledge the synergistic effect will be achieved. The participation of principals is considered as crucial since on one hand the staff will benefit from their experience in management and on the other the principals will achieve such a level of language competence that it will be possible to carry out strategic plans of the school international cooperation. The participants of the project were appointed according to their involvement in teaching, their successes in different areas, their organizational and interpersonal skills. The trainings chosen in the project correspond both to the teachers’ needs and to the purposes of the school related to the project. The mobilities mentioned below and the preparatory activities associated with the dissemination and evaluation are the capital project activities:1. Teachers of English Course, Ireland (Cork)2. Practical Teacher and Language Development Skills, UK (Londyn)3. General English Course, UK (Oxford)4. General English Course, UK (Eastbourne)5. Espanol para extranjeros, Spain (Barcelona)6. Espanol para Profesores, Hiszpania (Salamanka)It should be noted that the choice of various localisations and countries wasn’t accidental. Thanks to the mobilities to different places the teachers will be able to gather a wide range of experience, have many international and multicultural contacts. During the dissemination stage the teachers will share their knowledge and experience which will enrich all the school team.The fundamental results of the project include the improvement of participants’ foreign language skills (English and Spanish) which will result in wider access to different methods and techniques and the use of acquired knowledge in teaching process (knowledge transfer). Moreover the project will contribute to teachers’ stronger motivation to further personal and professional development (lifelong learning), day-to-day work satisfaction and contacts with teachers from foreign schools aiming organize students exchange under the Erasmus+ programme. The particiants of the project will develop their social competence such as openness or lack of prejudice after having gained experience of working in international and multicultural environment. They will undersand the financial mechanisms of EU fundings in the area of school projects and European integration. The project coordinators will enhance their IT, communication, logistic, management and enterpreneur skills. The longterm project benfits include school cooperation with foreign educational institutions aiming at organizing of international projects so the promotion of tolerance and cooperation in multicultural enviromnent.The participants of the project will implement innovative teaching methods in the school and share their knowledge with other teachers what will improve the didactic competence of all the school team. Finally the project will increase the school’s prestige reputation leading to higher parents and students interest while chosing a lower-secondary institution.
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